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Season Two: Dominica Briscoe of 3 Degrees Runway

Dominica Briscoe is the fashion creative behind the brand and online boutique, 3 Degrees Runway.

Dominica fell in love with creating custom designs at an early age. With help from her mother, she made her first outfit in grade school. Dominica’s mother fitted her with custom outfits as early as she could remember. As early as picture day for kindergarten, various dresses for school dances, and a pantsuit for prom! The work ethic and determination was planted in her young mind and although she pursued other aspirations, her dreams eventually led her back to fashion.
While earning her MBA at TWU, Dominica started a blog called “3DegreesDB” where she shared her fabric trips all over the states, designs, and tips on how to personalized commercial patterns. The brand’s name and history derived from the 3 generations of enormous creative and designing skills her family beholds; maternal grandmother, mother, and Dominica herself. As the blog grew, so did Dominica’s interest with designing and creating clothes for clients.
Fast-forward to today! Dominica has launched the online boutique, www.3DegreesRunway.com, to offer fashion on a larger scale for women. She curates stylish ensembles for those wanting to look chic, urban, professional for a day at the office or relaxed for brunch with girlfriends.

Dominica and I have known each other since college days in Houston, Texas and we “run” down memory lane. We discuss the challenges of owning a small business, the social media influence and how far we’ve come since we met over twenty years ago! She has supported many of my events over the years and it is my pleasure to introduce her brand to you. I have great hope that you will join me in supporting this awesome business! So many of her pieces are in my closet, I’m hoping you will add a few to yours.



Season Two: Claire Sulmers of Fashion Bomb Daily

Speaker. Author. Influencer.

Claire Sulmers is a Harvard Graduate and founder of the entertainment website, Fashion Bomb Daily, the number one online destination for multicultural fashion. The Fashion Bomb Daily Instagram’s page recently disappeared from our timelines after grossing over one million followers! During this time of bewilderment, Claire sits down with me to discuss the transition in her career.

Claire has helped break Fashionistas like Luvvie, Angel Brinks, Conna Walker of House of CB and author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie with her spotlight of Bombshell of the Day. She has encouraged female entrepreneurship with marketing and promotion through her website as well as supporting new designers clothing as a Brand Ambassador.

In January 2017 I had an opportunity to meet Claire when she appeared in Houston, Texas as the keynote speaker for Super Bold, a Superbowl event hosted by Nicole Coleman. After her multiple events in Houston, we finally were able to connect and discuss her iconic career as an entrepreneur and journalist. She joined me in the studio over the summer during her Convo’s with Claire event. Being a a huge fan of her book, I share the influence that is has made on my own career choices. Our chat includes details about her closet, changes with her hair and how she began her career in fashion. We take a journey to Atlanta, New York, Paris and possibly California to get to know Claire’s witty, funny side as we discuss all things fashion.



Season One: In Their Closet Featuring The People Enhancement Program Part 1

In this first part of a two part series, we talk to the Founders, Directors, and staff of the People Enhancement Program, P.E.P. Houston. During this round table discussion we meet The Harvey’s of Houston and get to know why they created this organization and the motivation behind the gala. We are introduced to Debbie Carruthers who shares personal insight about her husband, Cliff, and how PEP Houston has changed their lives. Along with Vickie Moreno, Mattie shares more details on what to expect from the gala this December including suggested attire and silent auction details. Cheseray Harvey unfolds a dynamic story of brotherhood lost and how he used his gifts to honor their lives, impacting others for years to come.



Season One: In Their Closet featuring Nicole from “Oh Hell No!”

Nicole is the podcast host of “The Oh Hell No” show. We bridge our shows together to bring you TWO shows this week! (So be sure to subscribe and follow her podcast, too.)  During the podcast we discuss Nicole’s background in Criminal Justice & Communication as well as her life in corporate America. We discuss the moment her podcast went silent… as we have been for the past few weeks, and we share important information about being a podcast host. We provide valuable tools for finding guest, offer different ways for recording interviews and our personal views on monetizing the show. Most importantly, we honor the behavior of Queens and how we value the relationship with friends. Nicole teaches on how to label friendships into “Cordial, Cool and Close” categories and what to do with negative energy. She explains how to distinguish between who is “your person” and who is not. We laugh, share entrepreneur advice and answer an “Oh Hell No” moment sent in by a listener. Grab a cup of coffee, turn up the volume and have a laugh with your girls. And go declutter your closet!

Side Note: The Skype format is not the studio format. This raw conversation is as authentic as they come. Please enjoy.


Season One: In Their Closet Featuring Melody “Mel” Hall

Melody, or Mel as her friends call her, is a Social Work Major at the University of Houston Downtown and a friend of mine. I invited her on the show to help me respond to the many questions I am often asked for advice on subjects that effect women and relationships. Because Mel’s field of expertise is advocating for people, their social behavior and understanding their physiological perspective, she is the excellent choice for helping others cope with their everyday problems.  Mel and I also discuss her new relationship and how dating is in 2017. Lastly, Miss Hall divulges a huge confession on the podcast that makes her dating life extremely complicated and sensitive. I share my feedback about her new boyfriend… We have a fun conversation about women friendships, love, goals and marriage.  Join the conversation and share your own advice with us!


Season One: In Their Closet Featuring George “Jay” Bustos

George Bustos is a Houston Realtor who discusses the current market after Hurricane Harvey. He speaks about investing in homeownership and rental properties as well as the changes that are occurring to make Houston a valuable place to invest. We also probe further to discuss George’s personal closet when attending closings, showing homes and just relaxing on the weekend. He gives his preference on how a woman he dates should dress and we have fun discussing the single life. Join the conversation with “Jay” and Elle as we return from the storm stronger and better after the natural disaster that rocked our city.


Season One: In Their Closet Featuring Jay “DivoJB” McClain

Jay McClain is Houston’s Go To Celebrity Stylist! His concierge service is requested by the likes of Houston’s royalty including Crystal Wall, Queenie, Just Brittany, Troublesum, Zoe Camby and John & Aventer Gray. We talk about the relevance of social media, being famous and why it is so important to be true to yourself.  Whether he is reworking the closet for Reshonda Tate Billingsley or conducting photo shoots, this man is always working behind the scenes! Jay shares a touching moment about his mother, Momma Joyce, and how he earned his work ethic. He tells us the story of how his name came to be and upcoming details about his new business venture. While working with celebrities like Nene Leakes, Tami Roman, Meeka Claxton, Candice Ford, Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins and many others, Jay shares why he isn’t a typical “YES” man to his clients. He is motivational, encouraging and authentic. He offers me an “off the cuff” styling consultation for meeting with dignitaries and also shares advice for whoever is dressing Aretha Franklin… Jay keeps it all the way real on this week’s podcast and we love him for who he truly is! Enjoy this series on #MenInFashion.


Season One: In Their Closet Featuring Nicole Rhocherlyn

On this episode of In Their Closet we speak to Plus Size Model, Nicole Rhocherlyn , her stylist, Kimberly Knecole and Chef Rae of Kouture Kuisine for a panel discussion on Full Size vs. Plus Models. We talk about how each of the women gained their weight in the past, what they have done to try to lose the weight and the extremes they have gone to. In detail, we discuss attire, how to purchase clothes online and stores that carry full size trendy items. Nicole discusses how she became a model for Ashley Stewart and her desire to flaunt her curves.


Season One: In Their Closet Featuring Lesleigh Robertson

Lesleigh Robertson is the owner of Desired Projections and affectionately known as “The HR Diva”. We discuss work appropriate attire including hair, cleavage and pencil skirts. Lesleigh also discusses the backstory behind her company’s history and how to organically mix business and friendships. We talk in depth about her experiences with friendships vs. opportunists and why she raps Drake’s “No New Friends”. Does social media have you thinking you have friends in your head? We discuss this and so much more on this evening’s podcast!


Season One: In Their Closet Featuring Joi Venison

Joi Venison is a wife, mother, attorney, motivational speaker and super entrepreneur! She is the successful owner of Superweave Express, This Really Werks and Caliente Express. While she wears many hats, she is always a doll.  We talk about her personal style before and after her baby and how her style has adapted through her career changes. She also gives me some pointers about my new business and mentions the local boutiques in Houston that she supports as well as her favorite IG online stores. We discuss the “Glow Up” and what success can do to friendships as well as how to protect yourself when doing business with friends.