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Season Seven: In Their Closet Featuring Kojo Darkwa Ampadu

Kojo Darkwa Ampadu is the host of Little Black Book, a YouTube show where he shares some of the most relatable advice on relationships and love coupled with godly principles. His interviews have been with some of the OWN network’s reality tv relationship couples where they dive deeper on their search for love. Those conversations are sometimes followed by a conscious uncoupling journey, with a panel discussion, and the raw reality of creating a façade for television and couple goals.

Kojo has the gift to gab, and the gift of discernment when presenting hard conversations in a soft way. We talk to him about his love life, his past and where the bright lights hold for the future.

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Season Six: In Their Closet Featuring Adam Nelson & Jamika Wester

We interview two of Houston’s Movers & Shakers, Adam Nelson of Culturally Distinct Podcast and his companion for the night, Jamika “The Lawyer” Wester. Our conversation about relationships, love, and marriage digs into Adam’s marriage of ten years and his many friendships with women. We dive deep on discussions like, “Can men and women JUST be friends?”

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Season Six: In Their Closet Featuring Britney Jones

Britney Jones is a Transformative Speaker and the Founder & CEO of BTJ Enterprises. She is a
native Houstonian who is redefining what it means to be a millennial following Christ. She joins me in the studio to discuss her new purpose, Best Friend in Faith.

In 2016, Britney launched her first business, EVO Cosmetics, under The EVO Brand, a vegan-
friendly nail and gel polish company based in Houston.
Expanding on the success of EVO Cosmetics, Britney created Bestfriend in Faith Foundation, an
empowerment foundation that helps women improve their quality of life spiritually, mentally,
emotionally, and physically. Britney enjoys helping others find their “why”, their purpose, and
shape-shift their mindset to expect more out of life. Through Bestfriend in Faith, Britney is
building a community-curated for women from all walks of life to safely heal, grow, and
become the women that they are destined to be. Britney serves as a catalyst through BFF to
help aid women in shaping, transforming, and guiding themselves towards their desires for
Britney knows that her gifts and talents will make room for her. She seeks to become a
published author, sought-after global transformative speaker, and empowerment activist. At
the heart of her unique drive for personal development, stands her leadership mantra, “Remain
on the course, ignore perfection and work for progress. Be an advocate for change and
remember even in a dry spell, you can still bloom.”


Season Six: In Their Closet Featuring Tonya Kelley & Rechelle Nyanteh

What about your friends? Welcome back to Season Six, where we pick up on Friendships, Relationships and Love. I thought Valentine’s Day would be the best time to start the conversation. I am joined in the studio with my dear friends Tonya & Rechelle. We discuss friendships needing a break and coming to an end. We also discuss Season & Reasons, Protecting Your Peace and Finding Love on the Inside First.

Its a fun girl chat with lots of laughs, so please excuse the giggles. We only have five more episodes left before the last podcast! Tell me what you think by leaving us a message below or through social media.

XOXO, Elle


Season Six: In Their Closet Featuring Saba Haile

Saba Haile is a business owner and assist other entrepreneurs in the Houston area. Her bold personality and down to earth conversation was the spark that caught my attention on social media and in real life. Tonight, Saba shares her story of resilience and triumph providing hope to myself and the women who surround her. She shares the foundation that led to her change, including the books she read and the mindset she developed to transform her old views into the vision she has always pictured for her future.


Season Six: In Their Closet Featuring Shay Tatum

Shay Tatum joins us on the couch to discuss her organization, Pretty girls That Brunch, including the best, and worst, restaurants to visit for Sunday dining. PGTB gathers every Sunday for brunch, connecting women from all over Houston with great food and conversations.

Empowering Women To Have More Confidence And Providing Them With The Guidance For A Fulfilled Life And Booming Business to let their light shine.
Shay Tatum is a dedicated business owner focused on building connections and networking opportunities, and the founder of the breakout Facebook group, Pretty Girls That Brunch consisting of over 9000 members. PGTB gathers every Sunday for brunch, connecting women from all over Houston with great food and conversations.  She is also the founder of the nonprofit organization, Pretty Girlz Rock. Her organization focuses on opportunities and support for young girls ages 11 to 18. Pretty Girlz Rock provides mentoring, STEM workshops, and an extension organization, Pretty Girlz Can, provides support and scholarships for girls who have had cancer. Shay’s primary goal is to focus on the whole person, and if you build someone on the inside, then that light can shine for everyone to see.