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Season Five: In Their Closet Featuring Stacy Bowers

Stacy Bowers joins the podcast to share her story as a former cast member from the OWN network’s Ready To Love, Season 4. I ran into her in the bathroom at Henke & Pilot on a Friday night and convinced her to have a conversation with me and she’s been in the group chat ever since!

Stacy is a dynamic entrepreneur and television personality hailing from the state of Mississippi. Growing up as an only child to a single mother, Stacy developed an incredible work ethic at an early age. She credits her mom with cultivating in her a strong sense of humility, community engagement, vision. As a youth and young adult, Stacy would dedicate weeks of her summers in Saltillo, Coahuila Mexico doing missionary work with the impoverished. A world traveler, she has had the living abroad in Israel and Italy. She speaks 3 languages including Spanish and Italian. Stacy is a decorated and respected entrepreneur, earning recognition as a Top 50 Black Professionals & Entrepreneurs in Texas. As an insurance agency owner, she has earned the distinction of being a Top 5 Producer in her area. A proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated, she has remained true to her commitment to her community by serving in youth mentorship including youth business education efforts. She has served in community youth athletic support, coaching and sponsorship. As a television personality, Stacy has been seen as a contestant in Tony Award winning CBS show The Amazing Race. She also tested her luck at love in OWN’s hit reality show, Ready To Love. One of her upcoming projects includes being a featured author in a book entitled “Elevated: Rise of the Underdog”– digital copies being released starting Oct 7, 2021.
She is the mother of three, currently living in Houston, Texas. Stacy earned her Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Mississippi State University. She completed the Master’s program at Columbia Southern University, earning Highest Honors with a Masters of Business Administration specializing in Public Policy. 

We discuss her time on television and her outlook as an entrepreneur, mom and now author. Join the conversation by grabbing a notepad to see how her insurance company can help your dwelling area and how her new book can help your mindset.


Season Five: In Their Closet Featuring Verneashia Allen

Verneashia Allen is a cast member from the OWN’s Ready to Love hit series recently filmed here in Houston during season four. Her relationship with Joel Ware made it to the end but did not stand the test of time once the cameras stopped filming. On season FIVE of In Their Closet podcast, we discuss what went wrong and break down Verneashia’s thoughts on dating, business and family.

Her salon, Spoiled Rotten Beauty Bar, will celebrate its grand opening in just a matter of days while she continues to celebrate turning a pandemic into a bandemic.


Season Four: In Their Closet Featuring Elle Moore & The Paradise Boyz

Welp, I had a cancelation. And it just so happened that my son stopped by my house to check on me, per usual. I was venting about my change of plans and then a light bulb went off in my head when I heard Jordan talking on the phone with my nephew, Evian. So I am so glad to introduce you all to the men who give me advice from a young, GEN X perspective. They call themselves, “The Paradise Boyz”. It’s their group chat name so the tag has stuck. Paradise is the term that converts to your phone when you’re visiting in LAS VEGAS, NEVADA. Paradise contains most tourist attractions in the Las Vegas area, excluding downtown. Despite this, the name Paradise remains relatively obscure because all of the zip codes serving Paradise are assigned the default place name “Las Vegas” and my boys are in Vegas all the time, hence the name. These guys are private and intentionally obscure.

Introducing Jordan Moore and Ron “Evian” Price, my son and nephew, affectionately called JMO and Young Ev. (Ron is my sister Tabitha’s son and Jaylen is my sister Michelle’s son. The third person, Jaylen Patterson, was unavailable but he will join us next time.) These three guys tell me about music, terminology and slang, even clothes, that are hot and everything else that means anything. The first time I heard about Drake, J. Cole or Miguel was because of my son, JMO. It is because of them that I am young at heart and stay so fly. I talked to “No IG Evie” and JMO about naked selfies, Netflix & chill, dating and all the cool things that twenty year old’s give to their mom and aunt to keep me abreast on what is life. I love this conversation, it’s the perfect way to end season four and it’s basically a send off of me going into the next season… and the next chapter in life.

We talk about sooooo much! Prayer, Manifestation, Faith, Love, Police Brutality, Narcissist and so much MOORE. I liked their conversation so I am currently trying to get the boys to start their own podcast about travel life, Vegas and commentary on the bets that they make. Because they make MONEY. (But then again, they were taught by the best…) I love them and appreciate them SO MUCH for helping me out with my podcast and I hope you love the show. See you in season FIVE! We return in September.


Season Four: In Their Closet Featuring Lil O

Oreoluwa “Lil O” Magnus-Lawson first exploded onto the scene with “Can’t Stop,” a success-as-the-sweetest-revenge anthem that featured a young Destiny’s Child back before Beyoncé would go on to take over the world. As his name alone will tell you, physically, Houston rapper Lil O isn’t exactly the biggest artist on the scene, but he just might be the most important. I’ve known Lil O for over 27 years, so he is the BIGGEST rapper that I know! And I am so happy to introduce my forever friend to the podcast and take a walk down the past to learn why he is still a legend today.

Already an underground legend at this point, Lil O has only grown more and more impressive in the years since he released H-Town classic albums like Blood Money and Da Fat Rat Wit Da Cheeze. His sensation, Back Back, went viral after the global pandemic caused the whole work to distance at least six feet. We will take a listen to O’s greatest hits and a lesson about how he worked for his start in the music business.

It was “Can’t Stop” that caught the attention of the legendary DJ Screw who invited O back to the lab just hours after he’d dropped off a copy of the single in the midst of buying some of Screw’s notorious mixtapes. We celebrate the anniversary of June 27th and the success of all the Houston rappers that have made our city the music empire that it is, by starting this conversation with my dear friend, Lil O.

Enjoy the sounds and history in this podcast.


Season Four: In Their Closet Featuring Ron Freeman

Ron Freeman is a current member of Own’s Ready to Love, Season four cast being filmed in Houston, Texas. His occupations include a small car lot owner ( Safe Wheel Auto), a casket company owner (One Caskets), corporate sales manager, stock trader and youth motivational speaker. He is from Detroit but has been a Houstonian for the past 14 years. His hobbies include working out, basketball, boxing Latin dancing, travel, cooking, relationship talks and although his personality can be shy at times, he is fun and open and loves to give.

I grabbed Ron for tonight’s podcast to discuss last week’s disruptive departure and his change in personality from the charming character we loved in the beginning to the devil he was portrayed to be during his exit. Ron has a lot of explaining to do and I think you will find his answers interesting and insightful.

Ron opens up about mental health and his connection to the community. Share, like, repost and include me in on your thoughts about Ron and this turn of events.


Season Four: In Their Closet Featuring Carrie Sheffield

Carrie Sheffield, a Louisville, KY native and current resident of Houston, TX, is the CEO of Total Financial Firm, a full-service accounting firm servicing small businesses.  Her professional journey began in High School where she took her first Accounting course.  She later earned a Bachelors in Accounting and a Masters of Business Administration with Specialization in Accounting.  Over the years, Carrie has become well-known for her ability to explain the tax game in layman’s terms and her ability to squeak out every penny of deductions to keep her client’s money in their pocket and away from Uncle Sam.  In her free time she enjoys fashion, traveling the world to learn other cultures and cultivating partnerships with like-minded people.

I welcome Carrie to the podcast to ask her about my business and get a little information about hers. Questions about the PPP loan, DBA’s and which account is the best to open when starting a new business. And dinners… can we write those off? As an entrepreneur, it’s important to have a great accountant so I am happy to share all her knowledge with all the new tax changes and how it affects our company and our ability to be profitable. Did you know, you can purchase an ad with In Their Closet podcast and it’s considered a business expense and deduction?

Get carried away listening to the new show and leave comments on our IG account if you have any business tips or personal experiences to share! Side Note: Here is the best way to exchange your money before you travel.


Season Four: In Their Closet Featuring Chelsea Geegan

Chelsea Geegan is a serial entrepreneur. She remains humble, so I invited her on the show so I could brag on her behalf. The following is a quick list of her credentials….
•She is the owner of Supreme Tax Services, a company that specialist in preparing taxes for
individual and business owners.
•She also owns UrFavCreoleKitchen mobile food truck which specializes in pop up
•She is also the owner of Supreme Freight Logistics which has multiple Amazon contracts.
Houston Foodie Society which is The Ultimate Foodie Club for the multicultural and diverse
community of Houston Texas and we put on Cool foodie inspired events too.
•She is a Business Consultant for Sanitize USA and Virufend which is a EPA approved 90-day
•Her newest venture is the Social Collective Group, which is a PR and marketing group.

Join us on June 12th as she launches her new endeavor, Houston Foodie Society, a club for fellow lovers of food and social events. It’s a food staycation. By purchasing your ticket, you’ll have a hotel room, food and new friends! Listen to the podcast for more information about the upcoming release and take notes on how to bring more to the picnic than your appetite.


Season Four: In Their Closet Featuring Wynter Patterson

Wynter Patterson is a dynamic Television Personality, Host, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Visionary Leader, and Published Author. After serving 14 years as an award-winning Vice President for JPMorgan Chase Bank, she has a wealth of business and management knowledge that strengthens her ability to teach, lead and connect with people on many different levels. She joins us just shortly after her resort life on OWN’s Ready to Love, Season 3 and I collect her thoughts on the whole experience.

Wynter and I have been playing phone tag for quite some time so we finally get a chance to sit down and catch up. We chat about her life after reality television, Forex Trading and getting her on a double date with me! Wynter has many events that influence women to be great, including her non-profit, I Am a Pearl, Inc., where she seeks to help people heal and understand their value through teaching and transparency.

We enjoy quite the transparent conversation full of moments of decluttering and releasing what no longer serves us. Enjoy our thought provoking and enlightening convo.


Season Four: In Their Closet Featuring Brandi Holmes Part 2

Brandi Holmes is a Makeup Artist, Skin Expert, a Singer and a Preachers Kid. (I added PK to her list of skills because having the right foundation is beyond skin deep.) Upon her return to the studio, we discuss answered prayers to marry, start new businesses, enhance new talents and she helps me discuss my long delayed conversation of divorce. Together we dive into relationships; with God and with our husbands, and evaluate ourselves as wives.

A few months ago Brandi and I enjoyed drinks and dinner to catch up. Covid had us all in the house so when social butterflies can flutter, we like to spread our wings. Our chat turned into us closing down the restaurant! In that conversation, Brandi mentioned that I needed to talk about my divorce and how awkward it is to just remove photos from social media without an explanation. I still wanted my privacy but I agreed that it needed to be done and here is the conversation that I share with you, with the help of Brandi. She also offers me some dating do’s and don’ts and we discuss our challenges in this new arena.

Sometimes you think that your prayers will lead you to the perfect person but the reality is that we are all broken. May we trust God to equip us with the skills to love others in their brokenness as well as identify and correct our own flaws that are made visible to us. Instead of concealing, I have chose healing. We hope that this message can help in your healing, too.

 Listen now to Part 2, “The REAL Housewives, The Reunion” episode. A new podcast returns next Friday.