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Season Four: In Their Closet Featuring Chelsea Geegan

Chelsea Geegan is a serial entrepreneur. She remains humble, so I invited her on the show so I could brag on her behalf. The following is a quick list of her credentials….
•She is the owner of Supreme Tax Services, a company that specialist in preparing taxes for
individual and business owners.
•She also owns UrFavCreoleKitchen mobile food truck which specializes in pop up
•She is also the owner of Supreme Freight Logistics which has multiple Amazon contracts.
Houston Foodie Society which is The Ultimate Foodie Club for the multicultural and diverse
community of Houston Texas and we put on Cool foodie inspired events too.
•She is a Business Consultant for Sanitize USA and Virufend which is a EPA approved 90-day
•Her newest venture is the Social Collective Group, which is a PR and marketing group.

Join us on June 12th as she launches her new endeavor, Houston Foodie Society, a club for fellow lovers of food and social events. It’s a food staycation. By purchasing your ticket, you’ll have a hotel room, food and new friends! Listen to the podcast for more information about the upcoming release and take notes on how to bring more to the picnic than your appetite.


Season Four: In Their Closet Featuring Wynter Patterson

Wynter Patterson is a dynamic Television Personality, Host, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Visionary Leader, and Published Author. After serving 14 years as an award-winning Vice President for JPMorgan Chase Bank, she has a wealth of business and management knowledge that strengthens her ability to teach, lead and connect with people on many different levels. She joins us just shortly after her resort life on OWN’s Ready to Love, Season 3 and I collect her thoughts on the whole experience.

Wynter and I have been playing phone tag for quite some time so we finally get a chance to sit down and catch up. We chat about her life after reality television, Forex Trading and getting her on a double date with me! Wynter has many events that influence women to be great, including her non-profit, I Am a Pearl, Inc., where she seeks to help people heal and understand their value through teaching and transparency.

We enjoy quite the transparent conversation full of moments of decluttering and releasing what no longer serves us. Enjoy our thought provoking and enlightening convo.


Season Four: In Their Closet Featuring Brandi Holmes Part 2

Brandi Holmes is a Makeup Artist, Skin Expert, a Singer and a Preachers Kid. (I added PK to her list of skills because having the right foundation is beyond skin deep.) Upon her return to the studio, we discuss answered prayers to marry, start new businesses, enhance new talents and she helps me discuss my long delayed conversation of divorce. Together we dive into relationships; with God and with our husbands, and evaluate ourselves as wives.

A few months ago Brandi and I enjoyed drinks and dinner to catch up. Covid had us all in the house so when social butterflies can flutter, we like to spread our wings. Our chat turned into us closing down the restaurant! In that conversation, Brandi mentioned that I needed to talk about my divorce and how awkward it is to just remove photos from social media without an explanation. I still wanted my privacy but I agreed that it needed to be done and here is the conversation that I share with you, with the help of Brandi. She also offers me some dating do’s and don’ts and we discuss our challenges in this new arena.

Sometimes you think that your prayers will lead you to the perfect person but the reality is that we are all broken. May we trust God to equip us with the skills to love others in their brokenness as well as identify and correct our own flaws that are made visible to us. Instead of concealing, I have chose healing. We hope that this message can help in your healing, too.

 Listen now to Part 2, “The REAL Housewives, The Reunion” episode. A new podcast returns next Friday.


Season Four: In Their Closet Featuring Brandi Holmes Part 1

Well, this is definitely a reunion of sorts! And sense I am a huge fan of Andy Cohen, I am happy to announce that you’ll be listening to The Reunion, Part one, of The Real Housewives of Houston, Texas! To be honest with you, the conversation just doesn’t get much realer than this!

Welcome back Brandi Holmes, who first debuted as our first episode in Season one when In Their Closet launched, in 2017. We catch up with her to speak about her previous conversation and goals that she had made for herself just a few short years earlier.

Brandi Holmes is a Makeup Artist, Skin Expert, a Singer and a Preachers Kid. (I added PK to her list of skills because knowing the right foundation is about way more than skin color.) Upon her return to the studio, we discuss answered prayers to marry, start new businesses, enhance new talents and she helps me discuss my long delayed conversation of divorce. Together we dive into relationships; with God and with our husbands, and evaluate ourselves as wives.

It’s a two hour conversation condensed into two parts,. Listen now to Part 1, “The REAL Housewives, The Reunion” episode. Part 2 returns next Friday.


Season Four: In Their Closet Featuring Alexis “Fly” Jones

Alexis “Fly” Jones joins Elle Moore in the studio to discuss her quest to find love on Will Packer’s hit reality show, Ready To Love on the OWN network. She joins her cast members from Houston to welcome season four to our great city as we watch them maneuver through multiple dates on a journey to find love.

Alexis was voted one of Houston’s best dressed by Houston Chronicle, the leading newspaper in the market. She has fashion tips for those that are getting back into the dating world which includes several Do’s & Dont’s. She is also a former first lady of a Houston-based church and a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority where she spearheads community initiatives. Alexis is a former TV producer of the award-winning Great Day Houston with Deborah Duncan where she produced segments with A-list celebrities. Alexis is the founder of Dear Black Son which promotes the positivity of women who are raising minority sons. She is a graduate of Clark Atlanta University where she studied Public Relations. 

Our conversation includes remarks about her sassy personality, unique fashion, and dating style. I quiz her about her flirty talk and her background in the church while she advises me on dating attire and what to grab from my closet for a first date. We laugh and chat it up about love, God and keeping a positive self esteem in a world that wants to tear you down. Listen and find love with us on In Their Closet Podcast.


Season Four: In Their Closet Featuring 1 Hunnit Gang

Keeno1hunnit and Bagg1hunnit are two up and coming artists from Acres Home, Texas. Currently working on a project [expected to release later this year] with a hit single called “Right Bacc” featuring OTB Fastlane where they exclusively talk about their struggles that they have now overcome and the lifestyle they currently live.

Enjoy this fun interview as we introduce Houston, Texas to a new rap group that will surely be rising as they climb the charts.


Season Four: In Their Closet Featuring Kris Green

Kris Green is a 20 year radio veteran where he has worked in Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Atlanta and currently, is the voice of the Quiet Storm in Houston where he has dominated evenings for over 5 years. On air, Kris is known to the ladies as KG Smooth. Kris is multi-talented as he sings, dances, writes, does vocal production, voiceovers, content creations, host events and entertains. In 2019, he won Houston’s Dancing With The Stars and assisted in raising funds to support local arts. 

October 2020, KG made his TV debut on OWN’s Ready To Love. His charisma, charm, smile, and love for people leads him as a cast favorite and definitely a top pick. KG is the voice of evenings in Houston, but he is seeking love on Oprah Winfrey & Will Packer’s Hit show, Ready to Love which debuted on October 23rd. KG remains the current winner of Dancing With The Stars Houston, in which dancing is one of his hobbies.

Among his hobbies listed above, we learn that fashion is also a passion for Kris. His first impressions look was a Zara fuchsia suit that displayed his confident, bold personality and his abs. We discuss his workout regimen, his voice and if he found love.

The competition of finding love in Houston allows Kris to seek outside help via the OWN network. A man of great conversation goes in depth about the tough talks to have when finding the perfect mate. As a Sapiosexual, we discuss how important a phone call is and the power of sharing thoughts outside of texting.

Tune in to learn much more about Kris


Season Four: In Their Closet Featuring Reginald Clyde Grant Jr.

Reginald Grant is a father, educator and political commentator in Houston, Texas. Mr. Grant completed his undergraduate degree in political science at Texas Southern University, earned an executive master’s in Public Administration with a focus in public policy from Texas Southern University, and completed his principal certification at Lamar University. He recently completed a principal internship in Aldine ISD. Mr. Grant is a United States Marine Corps veteran, with two tours overseas. He has served as President and Vice-President of several political organizations. As a precinct chairman of several years, he had the opportunity to serve as a state and national delegate. He is a former candidate of an unsuccessful campaign for the Texas State House.

So with that authority and those credentials, I asked my cousin to join me on the podcast to discuss a few last minute key issues that could help voters make their final decision.

We discuss social just reform, school to prison pipeline and why he was still sitting on the fence. We talk about his run as a Republican candidate for the Texas State House and why he chose that party.

This political banter that you will hear between Reginald and I is extremely calm and informative, although bias towards a particular candidate.

I wanted to use my platform to educated, inform and remind you all that Tuesday, November 3rd is the LAST day that you can vote, so please use your voice, the way I am using my own.

My name is Lisah “Elle” Moore, and I approve this message.


Season Four: In Their Closet Featuring Terry Ann Phillips

Welcome back to Season Four of the podcast. (I apologize for my absence, but there will be another episode and blog discussing my retreat.) What a year 2020 has been! And because of a global pandemic, I was finally able to get my long time online friend to my city and on my show. I would like to introduce you to the fabulous Terry Ann Phillips!

Founded in 2016 in New York, TP is a unique brand with an international and elegant framework.

Each piece is designed with timeless and sophisticated sentiments inspired by the classics with the fierceness of a modern twist.

The growing company embraces a philosophy of God 1st and empowers women all across the world.

TP has been empowering women for more than four years helping to advance their knowledge, skills, entrepreneurial endeavors and love of life itself!

TP is drawn to the chic, voguish and seeks to add a hint of luxuriousness to every woman’s closet.

Travel and exploration are an integral part of the collection and brand. It is a vital inspiration for each piece.

When you shop TP, you shop FABULOUSLY! Ladies I hope you enjoy our candid conversation on God, friendships, but most importantly, on being Saved & Fabulous.


Season Three: In Their Closet Featuring Howard Grant, April Grant & Tabitha Grant Part 2

Thank you Mad Studios for the new beat on our intro. Now, let’s get down to the Nitty Gritty!

This is a tough episode… Not because it’s hard to hear, but because it’s hard to hear! LOL! It is my fault, the audio was not correct. But move passed that to enjoy a conversation between three daughters and their father, who was also a dogmatic, legalistic preacher.

Along with my Dad, my sisters, April Grant, Tabitha Grant and I discuss our attire and the foundation that groomed our views on fashion today. My father breaks down his background on the scriptures and teachings that fed into his views of how a Christian woman should dress.

Our conversation is full of laughs as we go down memory lane discussing how we became the women we are today from head to toe.