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Season Three: In Their Closet Featuring Howard Grant Part 1

Howard Grant is a man known by many names but to me, he’s Dad. He joins me on season three of the podcast to discuss the private and dark thoughts that he has held for over thirty years and discusses the consequences that nearly took his life.

Under the leadership of Bishop Johnson, at twenty one years old, Grant led many to Christ. Evangelizing to those in Mexico, Canada, Houston, Temple, Conroe [Texas] until finally settling down with his family of four in a small town in Central Texas. Pastor Grant established churches in Lake Charles and Jennings, Louisiana before becoming a pastor of his own church in the late eighties.

While a ministering at Deliverance Temple Holiness Church in Temple, Texas, Grant was known for his extremely radical services. He moved around the lyrics for songs that were recognized by Jimmy Hendrix fans and reincarnated them into soulful melodies hummed on Sunday mornings.

Members were known to “clock in” for fellowship services that lasted over four to six hours with many expressions on praise and worship. Yet, his dogmatic views on “Homosexuality, Misogyny and Modesty” were just a few reasons that he was highlighted and featured in the Texas Monthly Magazine in the 1980’s and The Austin American-Statesman newspaper.

Members led aggressive street teams to witness to sinners by explaining that they would, “Die and go to Hell” without Christ’s teaching, under Grant’s leadership. This despotic doctrine led members to eventually cast out The Grants from their own church when their pastor was found to be in a controversial position that did not align with the church’s views. Even if it meant removing their own evangelist, congregants were hurt, confused and decidedlysevered all ties with Grant.

Turning to self medicate his inward wounds and feed his personal demons, we soon see how the cloak to blend in and escape God took on a thirty year journey to know how to speak to The Waymaker. With Howard’s voice today, we hear his truth.

More importantly, we speak on God’s forgiveness and never ending love, mercy and grace. We walk away knowing that God will never give up on you even if you have given up on yourself. There are many names that people have called Howard Grant; Judge, Prophet Grant, Baby Unknown Grant, Dad… but it’s not what people call you, it’s how they relate to you.

Dad and I discuss how his interpretation of my dream was the inception of the podcast and how exactly my “Moses Project” came to be. We discuss his years in ministry, his past struggles and how he lost his voice; literally and physically.

We hope that you can relate to my Dad’s story this evening and that you are blessed by the sound of his voice.

Side Note: The song played at the end of the podcast is called, “Like a Good Neighbor” by The Rance Allen Group. The lyrics of this song are a beautiful narrative of the actions that my father experience while experiencing a stroke. It is because of that “good neighbor” that he is well, healthy and alive today. Our family thanks you.

God Bless.


Season Two: In Their Closet Featuring Closet Chats

As Season Two comes to an end, we leave with a bang!

On this episode of In Their Closet, we speak with Earlene Buggs, Host and Executive Producer of the hit show featured on Facebook, Closet Chats.

Earlene Buggs, Christina Murray and Felicia Henderson are the three host that makeup the Facebook Digital TV show, Closet Chats. Earlene goes into detail about the backstory of the show and shares how her connection with the women came to be. These stunning women have created a lot of buzz as three boss women discussing topics such as “Spotting A Fake Friend”, “Colorism”, “This is America” and more all while in a 3300 square foot closet. Closet Chats airs for up to 20 minutes per episode and the first show debuted on March 8th in honor of Women’s History Day.
The ultimate goal of the show is to discuss topics related to women, family, entertainment and day to day issues. 

Earlene Buggs is referred to as “The Physician” – A girl’s girl and fashionista, Earlene is a wife, mother, and CEO. Her words may cut with honesty, but her genuine spirit & wisdom will have you walking away new and better than ever.

Felicia Henderson is known as “The Philosopher” – Felicia is a dedicated wife, mother, entrepreneur, and the founder of the “Inspire” organization. Her rants may ruffle a few feathers, but you won’t watch an episode without walking away with a new catchphrase or perspective.

Christina Murray is “The Peacemaker” – Christina is the founder of the Boss Lady Network, realtor, and inspirational speaker who spent many years working in ministry. Her experiences are her truth and she means what she says… but always with non-filtered honesty.

While Christina and Felicia were unable to join us in the studio , we did spend a little under an hour talking to Earlene about her Top Drawer Secrets while sharing a little Dirty Laundry. (I refer to it as ‘Dirty Language’ during the podcast, a Freudian Slip, while we were discussing the hate and judgement that some women speak over others.) The ugly truth and taboo subjects are all covered during this nonstop conversation full of extra ideas that will take up more space in your closet.

My favorite quote in this episode is when Earlene says, “Whenever I do something for a person, I ask God to help me forget. And whenever someone does something for me, I ask Him to help me remember.” Earlene, we loved your kind and humble spirit and we are cheering on the success for the new show. Tune in to Closet Chats for more episodes from the ladies!


Season Two: In Their Closet Featuring GIRL CHAT

Okay ladies, girl chat continues through our Spring Tea Live Podcast! The ladies got together with me to spill the tea on hot topics like “How to Network Your Business”, “How To Communicate When Friends Have A Misunderstanding”, “Travel Ideas” and so much more!

We spill the tea in a way that keeps women growing and prospering. Lets change the misconception on how women speak to each other, with each other and about each other. Our Girl Chat changes the narrative on how women can mend damaged friendships, accepting your friends flaws and walking away from toxic people.

How do you address your friends when there has been a misunderstanding? On the podcast one of my girlfriends addresses a misunderstanding with ME during our twenty year friendship. Listen to these fun conversations where we tackle different options for restoring good girl relationships.



Season Two: In Their Closet Featuring Rashid Floyd of Nelson Balka

On this special edition of Couture Careers, meet Rashid Floyd.

I met this young man over twenty years ago at a fraternity party in the summer of 1995. College parties were the norm and after crossing paths multiple times that summer, we became friends before he escaped to play basketball in Mobile, Alabama.

Rashid Floyd is the designer of the brand, Nelson Balka. During this podcast, Floyd walks us through the story behind his label’s name and introduces us to the man who represented it.

“NB” Nelson Balka, is an up and coming fashion house based in Houston, TX.  It’s fashionable street-chic couture line is inspired by a mix of American and European cultures.  Nelson Balka is a luxury brand created by American designer and entrepreneur Rashid A. Floyd.  
Using the name of his beloved late grandfather Nelson Balka, Mr. Floyd founded and established NELSON BALKA CLOTHING in the spring of 2009.  Mr. Floyd credits his sense of style to his late grandfather.  Born in 1913, Nelson Balka, the man, was synonymous with class, style and sophistication.  Mr. Floyd interprets his classic and unique style to create a casual, yet sophisticated collection for the young, fashion forward socialite. The brand has quickly garnered the attention of celebrities, professional athletes and entertainers.
The timeless and unmistakable  “NB” logo is a staple of the brand that will be recognized the world over.

During the podcast, we quickly learn about the trials and error of building a company from the ground up as well as the fancy footwork and many hands involved in the popularity of growing the designer’s label. Rashid salutes the movers and shakers in Houston, like Slim Thug, that helped influence his brand and propel it to it’s initial height during it’s introduction phase. He gives insight about life’s challenges that affected Nelson Balka’s delay in the years that followed and speaks on a recent momentum of “By Way of Houston”.

Floyd also discusses his past career choices and walks us through his early days when he began to build his resume. We learn about his work ethic, his versatility as a boy from the country and a man in the city and how that has guided his determination and drive. On the road to success, the journey takes twist and turns. Listen as Rashid share’s God’s design for his life.


Season Two: In Their Closet Featuring Cassandra Daniels

In Their Closet introduces Couture Careers, a storytelling segment where entrepreneurs take us through their journey down memory lane. Here, their resumes come to life as they share personal trials and triumphs that led to their paid passion.

Today, we feature the unlikely story of a housewife turned attorney, Cassandra Daniels.

As a new single mother of two, she tenaciously pursued her goal overcoming every obstacle that she faced. While doing so, Cassandra also worked as a paralegal in the area of family law. As a licensed attorney, Cassandra employs that same bulldog tenacity representing her client’s interest. She is a zealous advocate and is not afraid of the courtroom!

Cassandra provides her clients with the highest quality of representation and legal counsel. She is aggression in its most elegant form.

Her story of relentlessness to pursue her goals for herself and to make a better life for her children is a motivational voice for all. She shares of her dreams being deferred, her long career as a college student and the hard choices she made to save her family.

We go behind the scenes to look past the lifestyle of a pretty face with curves. This Preacher’s Kid soon realizes that being a “Real Housewife in High School” may have just been a portion of the women that she could become. Despite the slight deviation from her dream as a young girl in the seventh grade, Cassie (as I affectionately call her) quickly resets her goals and never stops trying to complete them. Cassandra takes us on her long anticipated walk to cross the finish line where we find that she is just getting started!

Cassie’s story reminds us, there is no expiration date on a dream being pursued. Enjoy!


Season Two: In Their Closet Introducing GIRL CHAT

We celebrated Galentine’s Day together with a pampered meal, libations and a lot laughs! Eavesdrop into our conversation as we discuss dating in 2019 as an entrepreneur.

This is an extremely rowdy podcast as we were laughing and sipping our French 75’s and you know how we ladies can get when we are together! But the conversation is worth the thirty minute listen. I promise to try and keep it clear and concise, but for this special occasion, thanks for understanding.

Galentines Day is a celebration of female friendship, invented by the Parks and Recreation character, Leslie Knope, played by Amy Poehler, which occurs every year on Feb. 13, the day before Valentine’s Day. Galentine’s Day is but a few years old, but it’s an increasingly popular holiday. We decided to celebrate on the actual day, February 14th.

The ladies are a group of professionals: an attorney, a realtor, a small business owner, a chef and myself, and we discuss all the drama of dating as an entrepreneur, a woman of God and a woman in her forties. Laugh with us and enjoy. Cheers!


Season Two: In Their Closet Featuring Maricella “Mari” Metzler

Maricella (“Mari”) learned early on that a regimen of good skin care will have positive and lasting results. Years of continuous research of skin care products and cosmetics led Mari to her career as a makeup artist and skin care consultant.

Although she’s been doing makeup on friends and family since she was 4 years old, her official journey started after being laid off from her oil and gas job in 2015. It was at this point that Mari decided to turn a lifelong hobby and passion into a full time business and launched Makeup By Mari, LLC.

Mari has lived in Houston her entire life and had built a large network thanks to her education at Saint Agnes Academy. Working out of her boutique in The Woodlands, she provides Makeup Lessons, Skincare consulting, beauty products and her custom made jewelry line to her clients. Her staple offering, Mother Daughter lessons, have ultimately proven very successful in the Woodlands and she is looking to expand her services to different locations in Houston.

In a digital world, Mari’s business success relies heavily on word of mouth and successful internet campaigns on Yelp, Instagram and Facebook.

Mari joined me in the studio to talk about her journey from the Oil and Gas to digital savant and makeup beauty/jewelry entrepreneur. Funny how our corporate careers careers in Oil & Gas led us to our passion in entrepreneurship. We discuss the humble beginnings of our budding relationship and what is to come for the future. During this interview Mari was not pregnant, but since we have recorded, she gave birth to her daughter, Emilia!

During our conversation, Mari contributes our first guest, Brandi (Holmes) Bowie and the podcast as motivation and encouragement in her own field. She took away many creative ideas and we hope that you will do the same during this show! Maricella has also donated an item from her jewelry boutique that is now on sale at In Their Closet. The necklace is absolutely gorgeous and will be listed online. Please check our social media sites for more details on how to purchase unique, hand crafted piece.


Season Two: In Their Closet Featuring Olivia “Liv” Harrison

Oliva “Liv” Harrison is the friend every woman should have! She has the most amazing spirit and a heart for relationships. 

Liv is known for being a public speaker with a gift for humor, storytelling and wisdom.

She works with the youth, from junior high school students to young adults. Liv was the 2018 Host & Emcee to hundreds of Catholic youth at the Austin Music Festival, Godstock. She also works in marriage ministry with engaged couples and has created the development of marriage programs around Houston. In 2008, she was a featured marriage speaker on the international television station, EWTN. Liv has not only spoken all over Texas, she has spoken across the nation.

Harrison attended Texas Tech University and received both a Bachelor’s degree in Human Development and a Post Baccalaureate Certificate in Early Childhood Education. She is currently working on a Masters in Theology from Franciscan University in Steubenville. Liv is presently serving as a board member and as the first Diversity and Inclusion Chair for the Junior League of the Woodlands. She speaks and leads the training formation of the 500 women. Lately, she has been a frequent voice on Sirius XM and the Guadalupe Radio Network KSHJ 1430 AM both as a guest and as a co-host. She is a wife and mother of two.

In this podcast we discuss Liv’s new way to celebrate an amazing birthday, 40 for 40. She goes into details about how you too can implement seeing friends where they are at and celebrating by making new memories together. Liv also speaks about her plant based diet and amazing weight transformation. There are so many laughs in store while listening to this episode. I hope you will get to know my amazing friend and celebrate her journey through forty.



Season Two: In Their Closet Featuring Dominica Briscoe of 3 Degrees Runway

Dominica Briscoe is the fashion creative behind the brand and online boutique, 3 Degrees Runway.

Dominica fell in love with creating custom designs at an early age. With help from her mother, she made her first outfit in grade school. Dominica’s mother fitted her with custom outfits as early as she could remember. As early as picture day for kindergarten, various dresses for school dances, and a pantsuit for prom! The work ethic and determination was planted in her young mind and although she pursued other aspirations, her dreams eventually led her back to fashion.
While earning her MBA at TWU, Dominica started a blog called “3DegreesDB” where she shared her fabric trips all over the states, designs, and tips on how to personalized commercial patterns. The brand’s name and history derived from the 3 generations of enormous creative and designing skills her family beholds; maternal grandmother, mother, and Dominica herself. As the blog grew, so did Dominica’s interest with designing and creating clothes for clients.
Fast-forward to today! Dominica has launched the online boutique,, to offer fashion on a larger scale for women. She curates stylish ensembles for those wanting to look chic, urban, professional for a day at the office or relaxed for brunch with girlfriends.

Dominica and I have known each other since college days in Houston, Texas and we “run” down memory lane. We discuss the challenges of owning a small business, the social media influence and how far we’ve come since we met over twenty years ago! She has supported many of my events over the years and it is my pleasure to introduce her brand to you. I have great hope that you will join me in supporting this awesome business! So many of her pieces are in my closet, I’m hoping you will add a few to yours.



Season Two: In Their Closet Featuring Claire Sulmers of Fashion Bomb Daily

Speaker. Author. Influencer.

Claire Sulmers is a Harvard Graduate and founder of the entertainment website, Fashion Bomb Daily, the number one online destination for multicultural fashion. The Fashion Bomb Daily Instagram’s page recently disappeared from our timelines after grossing over one million followers! During this time of bewilderment, Claire sits down with me to discuss the transition in her career.

Claire has helped break Fashionistas like Luvvie, Angel Brinks, Conna Walker of House of CB and author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie with her spotlight of Bombshell of the Day. She has encouraged female entrepreneurship with marketing and promotion through her website as well as supporting new designers clothing as a Brand Ambassador.

In January 2017 I had an opportunity to meet Claire when she appeared in Houston, Texas as the keynote speaker for Super Bold, a Superbowl event hosted by Nicole Coleman. After her multiple events in Houston, we finally were able to connect and discuss her iconic career as an entrepreneur and journalist. She joined me in the studio over the summer during her Convo’s with Claire event. Being a a huge fan of her book, I share the influence that is has made on my own career choices. Our chat includes details about her closet, changes with her hair and how she began her career in fashion. We take a journey to Atlanta, New York, Paris and possibly California to get to know Claire’s witty, funny side as we discuss all things fashion.