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Season Two: In Their Closet Featuring Dominica Briscoe of 3 Degrees Runway

Dominica Briscoe is the fashion creative behind the brand and online boutique, 3 Degrees Runway.

Dominica fell in love with creating custom designs at an early age. With help from her mother, she made her first outfit in grade school. Dominica’s mother fitted her with custom outfits as early as she could remember. As early as picture day for kindergarten, various dresses for school dances, and a pantsuit for prom! The work ethic and determination was planted in her young mind and although she pursued other aspirations, her dreams eventually led her back to fashion.
While earning her MBA at TWU, Dominica started a blog called “3DegreesDB” where she shared her fabric trips all over the states, designs, and tips on how to personalized commercial patterns. The brand’s name and history derived from the 3 generations of enormous creative and designing skills her family beholds; maternal grandmother, mother, and Dominica herself. As the blog grew, so did Dominica’s interest with designing and creating clothes for clients.
Fast-forward to today! Dominica has launched the online boutique,, to offer fashion on a larger scale for women. She curates stylish ensembles for those wanting to look chic, urban, professional for a day at the office or relaxed for brunch with girlfriends.

Dominica and I have known each other since college days in Houston, Texas and we “run” down memory lane. We discuss the challenges of owning a small business, the social media influence and how far we’ve come since we met over twenty years ago! She has supported many of my events over the years and it is my pleasure to introduce her brand to you. I have great hope that you will join me in supporting this awesome business! So many of her pieces are in my closet, I’m hoping you will add a few to yours.



Season Two: In Their Closet Featuring Irvin Randle “Mr. Steal Your Grandma”

Season Two returns with Houston’s own, “Mr. Steal Your Grandma”, Irvin Randle!

Irvin Randle is a Style Influencer, Educator, Fashion Model and Actor hailing from Houston, Texas.  Irvin earned his Bachelor’s degree at Texas Southern University and his Master’s degree from Prairie View A&M University. The father and grandfather of two became an overnight celebrity after photos posted of him via social media sent the internet into a frenzy. His toned features, well-maintained beard, and flair for fashion earned him the title #MrStealYourGrandma.

Irvin is well known as a distinguished gentleman of style. The dapper silver fox has since been featured on The Wendy Williams Show, The Real, ABC News and many other National platforms and appeared in a host of major Pop Culture magazines and media such as People, Cosmopolitan, Essence, Esquire, TMZ and much more. The suave Texas educator has proven that some people, like fine wine, get better with age!

Irvin joins me in the studio to share his story to success. We discuss how three years later, he turned his fifteen minutes into a full blown runway career. He invites us inside his custom built closet where we discuss men’s accessories and “slim fit” wear. Irvin talks about his own personal fashion history following in the steps of his grandfather and reminds us why “the tighter, the better” is always the best fit. You’ll laugh with us during this podcast as you get to know and love Mr. Irvin and all his endeavors. And I dig into his personal life, too.


Season One: In Their Closet Featuring The People Enhancement Program Part 2

In this second part of a two part series round table discussion, we talk to The Harvey’s of Houston and get to know a little better. We discuss their closet and how each ensemble comes together. Cheseray tells us about how he and Mattie first met and why their marriage is so successful. Mattie gives tips on shopping for highs and lows in her closet that has made her a savvy shopper, although her husband agrees that no amount is too high for his wife to spend. He shares how Mattie never  has to sneak in her shopping bags but gives him a runway show every time she brings home new clothes. Lastly, Cheseray Harvey gives advice to a newly married husband who is frustrated about his wife’s shopping habits.


Season One: In Their Closet Featuring George “Jay” Bustos

George Bustos is a Houston Realtor who discusses the current market after Hurricane Harvey. He speaks about investing in homeownership and rental properties as well as the changes that are occurring to make Houston a valuable place to invest. We also probe further to discuss George’s personal closet when attending closings, showing homes and just relaxing on the weekend. He gives his preference on how a woman he dates should dress and we have fun discussing the single life. Join the conversation with “Jay” and Elle as we return from the storm stronger and better after the natural disaster that rocked our city.


Season One: In Their Closet Featuring Carnell Jones of Senoj Models

In this episode of In Their Closet we speak to Founder and CEO of Senoj Models, Carnell Jones. He discusses his concept for “No Pay No Runway” and how he began to manage models. We speak about experienced models vs. others and how women can have a successful career in Houston, Texas. Carnell also explains body type, tattoos and discrimination in the fashion industry. He also explains runway fashion and the differences between catalogue fashion. Lastly, he describes dating in 2017 and his personal preference for her attire and how he likes to dress her. We learn a lot from a man’s perspective and the insight about a Black woman’s worth on the magazine cover in America. We celebrate #MenInFashion with the next series of conversations, listen and enjoy their perspective of the fashion industry.


Season One: In Their Closet Featuring Nicole Rhocherlyn

On this episode of In Their Closet we speak to Plus Size Model, Nicole Rhocherlyn , her stylist, Kimberly Knecole and Chef Rae of Kouture Kuisine for a panel discussion on Full Size vs. Plus Models. We talk about how each of the women gained their weight in the past, what they have done to try to lose the weight and the extremes they have gone to. In detail, we discuss attire, how to purchase clothes online and stores that carry full size trendy items. Nicole discusses how she became a model for Ashley Stewart and her desire to flaunt her curves.


Season One: In Their Closet Featuring Passport Cutty

In this episode of In Their Closet, we speak with Passport Cutty immediately following her Houston Book Tour. We discuss shoe shopping, her favorite inexpensive boutiques and the return policy of stores that she frequents. She breaks down her wardrobe malfunction during the party and shares her secret to perfect hair. Cutty is the author of, “The M in Man is for Money” and we identify different mistakes that women make when dating. In her book she shares personal stories of dating generous men, broke men, men who have access to nice things that don’t belong to them and in great detail explains why you can learn from her mishaps. She expresses why it is so important to talk over the phone and why she would not date a guy if he couldn’t speak more than he could text. Lastly, I ask her a question that no one else has yet to ask on the book tour!