• Kitchen + Pantry
  • Home Office + Paperwork
  • Play Room + Kids Bedroom + Nursery
  • Bedroom + Closet
  • Bathroom + Laundry Room
  • Command Center + Paper Management
  • Whole House Decluttering + Organizing
  • Downsizing + Rightsizing
  • Staging + Ready-to-Sell Home
  • Time Management + Productivity

We can help in these areas:

  • Sorting through paperwork, clothes or other items
  • Identifying logical, convenient locations for items
  • Arranging, labeling and filing items neatly
  • Donating or discarding unwanted items safely and legally

From home organization to decluttering, packing and unpacking…

We can prepare your space for move in, move out or just an organizational room makeover!

Nicole B.

Elle did a fantastic job organizing my closets and pantry. I highly recommend her and will continue to use her services. She is top notch, professional and reliable. #completelysatisfiedclient

Etherial E.

Elle was amazing! I needed help unpacking and organizing my closet and she came to save the day. Not only was she helpful, she helped make something I dreaded doing fun!

Rashid F.

I was impressed by the professionalism and presentation of my closet organization. When they were done my closet looked like it was in a high end model home!

Veronica L.

I would not have been able to unpack and organize my entire kitchen without her help. It looks great!

Cassandra D.

She is great at what she does! I highly recommend her to everyone.

Shaun P.

She’s on time and very professional. I will use her again.

Danielle G.

Elle was amazing! My closet was spot on when she got done. I wish I had before and after pictures. She is very detail oriented and even did more than I expected or asked! She is fabulous! I highly recommend her!

Kenneth O.

SIMPLY AMAZING!!! Elle came and organized my bedroom and performed a miracle in my closet. Her work was second to none. She worked at a fast pace and made sure everything was done in excellence.

Rechelle N.

She is absolutely fabulous and so great and what she does! I recommend her to everyone!

Organization of Poshmark Closet

Job Type Poshmark Closet Organization
Location Houston, Texas
Cost Approx. $200
Duration 4 hours
Year 2020

During a global pandemic our services changed and we found a way to embrace the challenge. We made our services virtual to help keep our clients on task during their monthly closet clean up. Clients were effectively removing items that were not being worn any longer and had found the time to try on dresses and shoes that were hiding in the clutter.

Some of the items turned out to be in great condition with little wear and other items still had tags on them! We had our clients bag those items that could potentially bring them a small cash value and organized an online app to assist with the sale of those items.

We have found much success for our clients and would like to introduce this white-glove level of service as a new feature!

In Their Closet uses the app, Poshmark, to resell gently used items under $100. (For pricier items, we list on our website and other sites, like Tradesy.) We have organized the closet set up for Poshmark from start to finish.

In this package, we will set up your online closet by:

  1. Making an itemized list of all inventory being posted
  2. Posting pictures of items from angles that the PM community may ask for
  3. Ensuring the items are clean and fresh before posting or shipping
  4. Sealing the item in clear apparel bags to keep items fresh & protected after listing
  5. Adding inventory numbers to packaging which ensures proper item is shipped
  6. Providing plastic bins for storage and freshness of items after listing
  7. Photographing and providing itemized label information
  8. Instructing clients on the Poshmark sale of their closet for added value and savings

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Closet Organization

Job Type   Closet Clean Out
Location    Mid Town Houston
Cost             Approx. $200
Duration   4 hours
Year             2019

Christmas closet declutter project. We unpacked, removed and color coded items that would stay with this legal accountant in her new high rise condo. Her closet grew up with her bank account. We removed and resold items that had not been worn and made her some extra cash. We gave her a lot of extra closet room, too!


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Luxury Resale

Job Type    Closet Luxury Resale Event
Location    City Center
Cost             Undisclosed
Duration   6 hours
Year             2019

We helped organize this philanthropic event to promote the organization, Conscious Couture.  Fashionistas did a deep discount on designer labels like Chanel and Gucci, with the proceeds going to fight human trafficking.

Virtual organizing can be done when evaluating what items are gently used and a value on what they can potentially profit. When organizing a closet for profit, sometimes your sponsors and contributors cannot simply stop by and drop off items. Hire an organizer who can plan virtually by prepping items for sale as they arrive to your venue as well as shipping and receiving.


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Moving On

Job Type   Unpacking Project
Location    Galleria Houston
Cost             Approx. $200
Duration   4 hours
Year             2019

This single mother left us her keys and we completely packed up her home while she visited family and friends at a birthday party. We organized this move with packing boxes, tape, moving paper, and all the essential items to safely and securely get her valuables ready to relocate. Whether moving in or moving out, we can organize your possessions while you maximize other parts of your life.

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Pantry Organization

Job Type   Home Organizing
Location    Sugar Land, TX
Cost             Approx. $125
Duration   3 hours
Year             2019

We arranged the bagged spices and foods into clear containers with labels. We also moved glass items higher, out of a child’s reach. We used all existing items that the owner had in her kitchen. The plan is to eventually add personalized font labels, baskets for small snacks and lining for pantry shelving. This project will continue to the kitchen cabinets and throughout with an organization budget for a more uniform look.


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Home Listing

Job Type Canada Project
Location Montrose Area
Cost Approx. $200
Duration 4 hours
Year 2019
Our clients hired us nine months outside of their big move to Canada. We immediatley started working with their realtor. First to declutter the home, packing up unnecessary items prior to the listing. [The home was presented with limited pictures, trinkets and personal items.]

Next, we slowly tackled each room one by one, one month at a time. The professors were on a tight budget so this strategic process fit right into their wallet. Each room was determined whether it was Canada move worthy. Any items that were not being packed up for shipping were sold on Letgo, Five Mile, and other apps that put quick cash back into their pocket for more resources.


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What should the customer know about your pricing (e.g., discounts, fees)?


There are no additional fees with the hourly quote EXCEPT if you are paying in a different way than check or cash. Paying through Cashapp, Paypal. etc require a transaction fee that is normally an additional $5. For packing you will need to provide all the products like wrapping paper, bubble wrap, boxes, etc. For closets, I sell additional hangers for $5 a bundle if additional hangers are needed.


I am available on WEEKENDS. I can also assist in the evenings after 6 PM for most areas.   Most jobs are completed in 3-4 hours.


Organizing is charged by the hour. Some projects will be started to sort and declutter. We may have to return at a later time with storage bins, baskets or miscellaneous containers to continue the process.


My organization pricing is based on a minimum of four hours at $45 an hour. This gives you the freedom to decide what needs to be done and you don’t have to pay for the things you don’t need. We can return at another time or schedule multiple visits to complete the process. Sometimes that may involve multiple visits with different levels of organization for each visit. We will always try to declutter and organize as much as possible to be efficient as possible. I can offer you discounts during a closet organization if you have items that you would like to consign to contribute towards the cost of your closet edit. You may view the “shop” tab on the website for an idea of the luxury items that we resell. I can also help you list household appliances, vintage/rare pieces and collector’s items through Poshmark, Ebay, LetGo, 5Miles and other sell sites.

Wardrobe Consultant:

If you have an upcoming special event or are planning a shopping trip and need recommendations on your attire, Elle can accompany you. As a personal stylist, Elle can identify stores that maximize your budget tailored specifically for your body type. Her relationships with sales associates and boutique owners allow her access to all the wardrobe elements that will compliment your personal style. These services are offered online or in person. In just a short time, you will walk away with valuable pieces to add to your closet!

What is your typical process for working with a new customer?

Normally the visit will consist of multiple ways in organizing: hanging, folding, shelving, donating, and tossing unwanted items. The mission is to declutter your space to allow a more serene and neat presentation of your home.

What education and/or training do you have that relates to your work?

I received my BA many years ago working as an entrepreneur. As a realtor, I viewed modeled homes for years while showing potential buyers their future dream. I have seen creative and impressive ways to make your living space be all that it can be. Your home is your biggest asset, be sure to enjoy the space you’re in!

How did you get started doing this type of work?

I have a huge closet! I love clothes, shoes and bags. Storing them is important but viewing them is how you keep your inventory rotating in your closet. I have entertained in my home for many years and the draw was always to view my closet. When friends would eye my space, they would ask me to organize their home, too. They would ask for decorating tips, room organization help and interior design ideas until finally I announced that I would start a business. And here we are!

What types of customers have you worked with?

I have worked with everyone needing assistance by someone with an eye for detail! Single fathers wanting a little organization, moms who need an extra hand and bachelors who need a woman’s touch on their new place. I have organized college dorm rooms, remodeled space to accommodate a growing family and removed furniture for emptynesters.

Describe a recent project you are fond of. How long did it take?

I recently reorganized a closet for a professional athlete who changed careers. We donated a lot of shoes to charity, listed a few on consignment and pulled together a sleek new space for his new job in corporate. His suits, ties and scarves are all now the focal point to his space where as before, it was sneakers and jerseys! We added inspiration quotes and a vision board to remind him why he works so hard everyday.

What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?

Please have large empty bins available for sorting. Trash bags will help with donating and baskets will help with creative ways to tuck small items away. Boxes will help with removing items like toys, kitchen appliances and shoes that are no longer being used. Be prepared to spend two to four hours of sorting and chatting about organization goals. Be ready to let go of what is no longer serving it’s purpose!

What questions should customers think through before talking to professionals about their project?

Think about items that you feel are sentimental.

  • Why are you holding on to these items?
  • Can they be framed, shelved or put on a display to share in memory?
  • Can the item be donated to someone else for better use?
  • Have you worn an item in the last three years and do you plan to wear it again soon?
  • If you posted yourself wearing an item on social media, how many “Likes” did you get?
  • Do you plan on keeping the item and wearing it again soon or sharing it with another closet?
  • How big is your space? Does it hold enough room for what you are trying to save?
  • Does this item continue to serve a purpose?
  • Can we donate to someone else to better fulfill the purpose of the item?
  • Have you had a baby, made a career change or lost a lot of weight?
  • Does your closet reflect the new you?
  • Has your lifestyle changed?
  • Are you newly single or married?
  • Does the current space reflect you who want to be in the future?
  • What can we remove to bring your closer to the new you?
  • Have you recently inherited clothes or furniture, items?
  • How can we incorporate this into your current design?
  • Have you purchased a more mature/modern/contemporary/relaxed, etc space?
  • How can we best furnish it with what you have or within your current budget?
  • Did you think long and hard about what you want to keep and what you want to sell, donate or store?
  • Can these items be listed on Ebay for extra cash?
  • Do you have family members who can use the item?