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Season One: In Their Closet Featuring Passport Cutty

In this episode of In Their Closet, we speak with Passport Cutty immediately following her Houston Book Tour. We discuss shoe shopping, her favorite inexpensive boutiques and the return policy of stores that she frequents. She breaks down her wardrobe malfunction during the party and shares her secret to perfect hair. Cutty is the author of, “The M in Man is for Money” and we identify different mistakes that women make when dating. In her book she shares personal stories of dating generous men, broke men, men who have access to nice things that don’t belong to them and in great detail explains why you can learn from her mishaps. She expresses why it is so important to talk over the phone and why she would not date a guy if he couldn’t speak more than he could text. Lastly, I ask her a question that no one else has yet to ask on the book tour!