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Season Seven: In Their Closet Featuring Kojo Darkwa Ampadu

Kojo Darkwa Ampadu is the host of Little Black Book, a YouTube show where he shares some of the most relatable advice on relationships and love coupled with godly principles. His interviews have been with some of the OWN network’s reality tv relationship couples where they dive deeper on their search for love. Those conversations are sometimes followed by a conscious uncoupling journey, with a panel discussion, and the raw reality of creating a façade for television and couple goals.

Kojo has the gift to gab, and the gift of discernment when presenting hard conversations in a soft way. We talk to him about his love life, his past and where the bright lights hold for the future.

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Season Six: In Their Closet Featuring Shay Tatum

Shay Tatum joins us on the couch to discuss her organization, Pretty girls That Brunch, including the best, and worst, restaurants to visit for Sunday dining. PGTB gathers every Sunday for brunch, connecting women from all over Houston with great food and conversations.

Empowering Women To Have More Confidence And Providing Them With The Guidance For A Fulfilled Life And Booming Business to let their light shine.
Shay Tatum is a dedicated business owner focused on building connections and networking opportunities, and the founder of the breakout Facebook group, Pretty Girls That Brunch consisting of over 9000 members. PGTB gathers every Sunday for brunch, connecting women from all over Houston with great food and conversations.  She is also the founder of the nonprofit organization, Pretty Girlz Rock. Her organization focuses on opportunities and support for young girls ages 11 to 18. Pretty Girlz Rock provides mentoring, STEM workshops, and an extension organization, Pretty Girlz Can, provides support and scholarships for girls who have had cancer. Shay’s primary goal is to focus on the whole person, and if you build someone on the inside, then that light can shine for everyone to see. 


Season Five: In Their Closet Featuring Joel Ware

Ladies and gentleman, season five returns with more love talk!

Joel Ware joins us from the fourth season and cast of Ready to Love from the OWN network. We share his touching story of being single by losing a loved one to Lung Cancer. Joel also takes us on a journey of crime and his rise to success through hard times and tough love.

Its a remarkable story of motivation, determination and reclamation into life’s new chapter. Joel teaches us something important in his story, never give up!

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Season Five: In Their Closet Featuring Stacy Bowers

Stacy Bowers joins the podcast to share her story as a former cast member from the OWN network’s Ready To Love, Season 4. I ran into her in the bathroom at Henke & Pilot on a Friday night and convinced her to have a conversation with me and she’s been in the group chat ever since!

Stacy is a dynamic entrepreneur and television personality hailing from the state of Mississippi. Growing up as an only child to a single mother, Stacy developed an incredible work ethic at an early age. She credits her mom with cultivating in her a strong sense of humility, community engagement, vision. As a youth and young adult, Stacy would dedicate weeks of her summers in Saltillo, Coahuila Mexico doing missionary work with the impoverished. A world traveler, she has had the living abroad in Israel and Italy. She speaks 3 languages including Spanish and Italian. Stacy is a decorated and respected entrepreneur, earning recognition as a Top 50 Black Professionals & Entrepreneurs in Texas. As an insurance agency owner, she has earned the distinction of being a Top 5 Producer in her area. A proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated, she has remained true to her commitment to her community by serving in youth mentorship including youth business education efforts. She has served in community youth athletic support, coaching and sponsorship. As a television personality, Stacy has been seen as a contestant in Tony Award winning CBS show The Amazing Race. She also tested her luck at love in OWN’s hit reality show, Ready To Love. One of her upcoming projects includes being a featured author in a book entitled “Elevated: Rise of the Underdog”– digital copies being released starting Oct 7, 2021.
She is the mother of three, currently living in Houston, Texas. Stacy earned her Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Mississippi State University. She completed the Master’s program at Columbia Southern University, earning Highest Honors with a Masters of Business Administration specializing in Public Policy. 

We discuss her time on television and her outlook as an entrepreneur, mom and now author. Join the conversation by grabbing a notepad to see how her insurance company can help your dwelling area and how her new book can help your mindset.


Season Five: In Their Closet Featuring Verneashia Allen

Verneashia Allen is a cast member from the OWN’s Ready to Love hit series recently filmed here in Houston during season four. Her relationship with Joel Ware made it to the end but did not stand the test of time once the cameras stopped filming. On season FIVE of In Their Closet podcast, we discuss what went wrong and break down Verneashia’s thoughts on dating, business and family.

Her salon, Spoiled Rotten Beauty Bar, will celebrate its grand opening in just a matter of days while she continues to celebrate turning a pandemic into a bandemic.


Season Four: In Their Closet Featuring Ron Freeman

Ron Freeman is a current member of Own’s Ready to Love, Season four cast being filmed in Houston, Texas. His occupations include a small car lot owner ( Safe Wheel Auto), a casket company owner (One Caskets), corporate sales manager, stock trader and youth motivational speaker. He is from Detroit but has been a Houstonian for the past 14 years. His hobbies include working out, basketball, boxing Latin dancing, travel, cooking, relationship talks and although his personality can be shy at times, he is fun and open and loves to give.

I grabbed Ron for tonight’s podcast to discuss last week’s disruptive departure and his change in personality from the charming character we loved in the beginning to the devil he was portrayed to be during his exit. Ron has a lot of explaining to do and I think you will find his answers interesting and insightful.

Ron opens up about mental health and his connection to the community. Share, like, repost and include me in on your thoughts about Ron and this turn of events.


Season Four: In Their Closet Featuring Wynter Patterson

Wynter Patterson is a dynamic Television Personality, Host, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Visionary Leader, and Published Author. After serving 14 years as an award-winning Vice President for JPMorgan Chase Bank, she has a wealth of business and management knowledge that strengthens her ability to teach, lead and connect with people on many different levels. She joins us just shortly after her resort life on OWN’s Ready to Love, Season 3 and I collect her thoughts on the whole experience.

Wynter and I have been playing phone tag for quite some time so we finally get a chance to sit down and catch up. We chat about her life after reality television, Forex Trading and getting her on a double date with me! Wynter has many events that influence women to be great, including her non-profit, I Am a Pearl, Inc., where she seeks to help people heal and understand their value through teaching and transparency.

We enjoy quite the transparent conversation full of moments of decluttering and releasing what no longer serves us. Enjoy our thought provoking and enlightening convo.


Season Four: In Their Closet Featuring Kris Green

Kris Green is a 20 year radio veteran where he has worked in Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Atlanta and currently, is the voice of the Quiet Storm in Houston where he has dominated evenings for over 5 years. On air, Kris is known to the ladies as KG Smooth. Kris is multi-talented as he sings, dances, writes, does vocal production, voiceovers, content creations, host events and entertains. In 2019, he won Houston’s Dancing With The Stars and assisted in raising funds to support local arts. 

October 2020, KG made his TV debut on OWN’s Ready To Love. His charisma, charm, smile, and love for people leads him as a cast favorite and definitely a top pick. KG is the voice of evenings in Houston, but he is seeking love on Oprah Winfrey & Will Packer’s Hit show, Ready to Love which debuted on October 23rd. KG remains the current winner of Dancing With The Stars Houston, in which dancing is one of his hobbies.

Among his hobbies listed above, we learn that fashion is also a passion for Kris. His first impressions look was a Zara fuchsia suit that displayed his confident, bold personality and his abs. We discuss his workout regimen, his voice and if he found love.

The competition of finding love in Houston allows Kris to seek outside help via the OWN network. A man of great conversation goes in depth about the tough talks to have when finding the perfect mate. As a Sapiosexual, we discuss how important a phone call is and the power of sharing thoughts outside of texting.

Tune in to learn much more about Kris


Season Two: In Their Closet Featuring Rashid Floyd of Nelson Balka

On this special edition of Couture Careers, meet Rashid Floyd.

I met this young man over twenty years ago at a fraternity party in the summer of 1995. College parties were the norm and after crossing paths multiple times that summer, we became friends before he escaped to play basketball in Mobile, Alabama.

Rashid Floyd is the designer of the brand, Nelson Balka. During this podcast, Floyd walks us through the story behind his label’s name and introduces us to the man who represented it.

“NB” Nelson Balka, is an up and coming fashion house based in Houston, TX.  It’s fashionable street-chic couture line is inspired by a mix of American and European cultures.  Nelson Balka is a luxury brand created by American designer and entrepreneur Rashid A. Floyd.  
Using the name of his beloved late grandfather Nelson Balka, Mr. Floyd founded and established NELSON BALKA CLOTHING in the spring of 2009.  Mr. Floyd credits his sense of style to his late grandfather.  Born in 1913, Nelson Balka, the man, was synonymous with class, style and sophistication.  Mr. Floyd interprets his classic and unique style to create a casual, yet sophisticated collection for the young, fashion forward socialite. The brand has quickly garnered the attention of celebrities, professional athletes and entertainers.
The timeless and unmistakable  “NB” logo is a staple of the brand that will be recognized the world over.

During the podcast, we quickly learn about the trials and error of building a company from the ground up as well as the fancy footwork and many hands involved in the popularity of growing the designer’s label. Rashid salutes the movers and shakers in Houston, like Slim Thug, that helped influence his brand and propel it to it’s initial height during it’s introduction phase. He gives insight about life’s challenges that affected Nelson Balka’s delay in the years that followed and speaks on a recent momentum of “By Way of Houston”.

Floyd also discusses his past career choices and walks us through his early days when he began to build his resume. We learn about his work ethic, his versatility as a boy from the country and a man in the city and how that has guided his determination and drive. On the road to success, the journey takes twist and turns. Listen as Rashid share’s God’s design for his life.