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Season Five: In Their Closet Featuring Chef Don Bowie Part 1

Visionary, Entrepreneur and Taste Engineer are three ways to describe Chef Don Bowie. He may be behind the scenes running the city’s hottest eateries, but he is no stranger to the spotlight. The restaurant owner for Taste + Bar and now Rare restaurant, steps away from the kitchen and into my studio for a little grilling by yours truly.

Listen to part one, where we dive into the work ethic and background history into the making of the man and everything that adds up to what made him today. Every little step you take is leading you to a place in your future where those challenges will become skills. Chef explains how no job was too little and the importance of staying humble.

We also discuss marriage and relationships but most importantly, accountability. Chef admits to his own mistakes and eat a large slice of humble pie by explaining his role in his marriage not succeeding. We also talk about how he will continue to find peace and success in the future.

Who knew that in 2010 Chef Bowie would start his cooking career with a video for the OWN network’s “Your Own Show” by receiving 400,000 votes! Additionally, Bowie was a top 15 finalist for the Food Network’s Next Food Network Star online competition. He graduated from Le Cordon Bleu in Atlanta, Georgia. Upon entry into the culinary program, he quickly accepted an offer to become an understudy for Bravo’s Top Chef Season 7 contestant, Chef Tracey Bloom.

He has worked with Jermaine Dupri, T.I., Jazzy Pha, Shaquille O’Neal, Polow Da Don, Raheem Devaughn, Gucci Mane, athletes, media personalities and more. His restaurant has a hefty reservation list, as well. But we can get you to the front of the line and a backstage pass by listening to this episode. We hope you brought your appetite, you’ll want to sink your teeth into this interview. Bon appetit!


Season Four: In Their Closet Featuring Brandi Holmes Part 1

Well, this is definitely a reunion of sorts! And sense I am a huge fan of Andy Cohen, I am happy to announce that you’ll be listening to The Reunion, Part one, of The Real Housewives of Houston, Texas! To be honest with you, the conversation just doesn’t get much realer than this!

Welcome back Brandi Holmes, who first debuted as our first episode in Season one when In Their Closet launched, in 2017. We catch up with her to speak about her previous conversation and goals that she had made for herself just a few short years earlier.

Brandi Holmes is a Makeup Artist, Skin Expert, a Singer and a Preachers Kid. (I added PK to her list of skills because knowing the right foundation is about way more than skin color.) Upon her return to the studio, we discuss answered prayers to marry, start new businesses, enhance new talents and she helps me discuss my long delayed conversation of divorce. Together we dive into relationships; with God and with our husbands, and evaluate ourselves as wives.

It’s a two hour conversation condensed into two parts,. Listen now to Part 1, “The REAL Housewives, The Reunion” episode. Part 2 returns next Friday.