Season Five: In Their Closet Featuring DJ CHOSE

Ain’t That DJ Chose Over There? Yes! Yes, it is! And I am in the studio discussing our first meet up at The Texas Smoke Break and the big break of his biggest hit during the quarantine, “Thick“. We discuss the hard work that goes into building a successful career and the humble beginnings that started in Brookshire, Texas. Tune in!


Season Five: In Their Closet Featuring Quiana Robinson & The Love Guru

Quiana Robinson is the creator of Real Talk Houston, a panel of Houston Influencers who shake up the conversation with strait shot discussions followed by a light chaser.

The Love Guru returns with “Q” to discuss the upcoming event at Bar 5015, Brunching with Brothers. The panel will run through topics that the women need to hear and burning issues that the men need to say with their chest. Subscribe, rate and join the conversation!


Season Five: In Their Closet Featuring Joy M. Hutton

Joy M. Hutton is a native of Chicago, Illinois but has made Houston, Texas her second home. Joy is the Founder of Joy of Consulting, a management consulting firm and on the go GLAM™, an on demand platform that delivers beauty services to men and women in the comfort of their home, office, or hotel. Joy serves on a number of small business councils and works with organizations that develop female entrepreneurs. Her personal development continues with being a part of Leadership Houston, Class XXXVI and the Inaugural Class of Leadership ISD. She is also the co-host of two podcasts: beautyish radio and Failure Two Communicate. Joy was honored by the City of Houston for her leadership in entrepreneurship. February 4, 2020 was named “Joy M. Hutton” Day. In honor of this day, she launched the LeadHERship Fund, a micro grant fund for female entrepreneurs


Season Five: In Their Closet Featuring Jay Bradley

Meet Jay Bradley, founder of Equinox Realty Group, Real Estate Broker, Entrepreneur, Community Leader and Philanthropists who believes in making positive and life-changing impacts through strategic investments within the community. Jay is also a former cast member of Ready To Love. After running into him at a few restaurants in the city, we sat at a bar and talked about dating life. And Jay was open to coming on the podcast and sharing dating advice. Finally, we revisit the conversation and get an update on his relationship with Joy Hutton and their new podcast, Failure Two Communicate.

Jay’s work within the real estate industry not only as a professional, but his contribution to the development of other agents has landed him recognition by the HAR association as 1 of the Top 20 under 40 real estate professionals, Board of Directors of Houston Association of Realtors, Board of directors of the Texas Association of Realtors,  the Houston Black Real Estate professionals named him 1 of the Top 20 professionals and he was voted as 1 of Top 50 Black Professionals and Super Entrepreneurs of Texas by D-MARS. Because of his 20+ years tenure in the real estate industry Jay is often called upon by various news outlets to lend his expertise. Jay has been seen on FOX News, CNBC, Houston Business Journal, Houston Chronicle, OWN Network and more.

Enjoy our friendly exchange of ideas about dating, parents and marriage, among so much more!


Season Five: In Their Closet Featuring Sam Williamson [MATURE AUDIENCE]

Sam Williamson is well known in Houston, Texas as The Love Guru. His out of the box dialogue coupled with his controversial views make him a great guest to speak to about men’s views on love, relationships, marriage and divorce.

This episode is for MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY as we speak candidly about men and women. I’d love your feedback as a comment or a review for the podcast to hear your thoughts on this topic. As a subscriber, we are making this episode available one day early, and invite you to share with friends and get a peak first, before anyone else.



Season Five: In Their Closet Featuring Joel Ware

Ladies and gentleman, season five returns with more love talk!

Joel Ware joins us from the fourth season and cast of Ready to Love from the OWN network. We share his touching story of being single by losing a loved one to Lung Cancer. Joel also takes us on a journey of crime and his rise to success through hard times and tough love.

Its a remarkable story of motivation, determination and reclamation into life’s new chapter. Joel teaches us something important in his story, never give up!

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Season Five: In Their Closet Featuring Chef Don Bowie Part 2

We return with part two, a continuation of Don’s story. I should like to note that this is simply Don’s story and that his truth is just as valid as any story that we share on the podcast. As the show is edited for content and time, it cannot be edited in a fashion that paints any one person one way or another.

Don has chosen to share the ebbs and flows during his marriage and the character that he possessed to make such decisions at the time that he made it. We appreciate his honesty and candor during our podcast and we hope that you are able to learn from this conversation, as well as any other previous conversation.

My job is to be objective, to provide a platform where authenticity is guaranteed and change behavior is the goal. We hope that everyone involved is seeking the truth and the help they need to get there.

Blessings, Elle.


Season Five: In Their Closet Featuring Chef Don Bowie Part 1

Visionary, Entrepreneur and Taste Engineer are three ways to describe Chef Don Bowie. He may be behind the scenes running the city’s hottest eateries, but he is no stranger to the spotlight. The restaurant owner for Taste + Bar and now Rare restaurant, steps away from the kitchen and into my studio for a little grilling by yours truly.

Listen to part one, where we dive into the work ethic and background history into the making of the man and everything that adds up to what made him today. Every little step you take is leading you to a place in your future where those challenges will become skills. Chef explains how no job was too little and the importance of staying humble.

We also discuss marriage and relationships but most importantly, accountability. Chef admits to his own mistakes and eat a large slice of humble pie by explaining his role in his marriage not succeeding. We also talk about how he will continue to find peace and success in the future.

Who knew that in 2010 Chef Bowie would start his cooking career with a video for the OWN network’s “Your Own Show” by receiving 400,000 votes! Additionally, Bowie was a top 15 finalist for the Food Network’s Next Food Network Star online competition. He graduated from Le Cordon Bleu in Atlanta, Georgia. Upon entry into the culinary program, he quickly accepted an offer to become an understudy for Bravo’s Top Chef Season 7 contestant, Chef Tracey Bloom.

He has worked with Jermaine Dupri, T.I., Jazzy Pha, Shaquille O’Neal, Polow Da Don, Raheem Devaughn, Gucci Mane, athletes, media personalities and more. His restaurant has a hefty reservation list, as well. But we can get you to the front of the line and a backstage pass by listening to this episode. We hope you brought your appetite, you’ll want to sink your teeth into this interview. Bon appetit!