Buyer Beware

Right now the one thing that we are doing online is shopping! And for some us, that could get dangerous. I have definitely found myself buying items that appear on my timeline only to find after a few clicks of research via customer reviews, that this company is not reputible.

There are many companies that advertise on Instagram or Facebook about a sale item or an item that is priced too good to be true. After you make your order you quickly discover that these items are not on their way. With no tracking details, a website that has miraculously stopped working, or the email that gets no response from customer service, you could be screwed. You might be out of a few dollars but its the principle. And imagine how many other people have been swindled out of their cash due to a quick sale by an ad on social media?

I have begun to accumulate cool websites and I will share the good ones and the bad ones in the future. Today I want to share an important tool for shopping online: Paypal.

As long as we are in a global pandemic and experiencing shopping highs and lows, we will also experience what the sellers are dealing with. It could possibly be a high demand for their products but some items are just not arriving because they never will.

Here is my quick advice… use Paypal for your purchases when shopping online from a vendor you have never used before. Paypal will handle any dispute you may have through it’s Resolution Center to conduct an investigation on the company from where the items were purchased. If you have not received your merchandise in a reasonable time or are unable to reach anyone where the purchase was made, contact paypal for assistance or simply ask them to refund you.

We are in a pandemic; wear a mask, be careful, and stay safe. Don’t lose money to scammers on the internet. Always use protection.

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