What to Wear to a Peaceful Protest

I know that we are at an important time in history when we are able to participate in Civil Rights Marches the ways our parents and grandparents were able to in the sixties. We are marching in 2020 for our civil liberties and for the equal rights of Black Americans from police brutality and systemic racism.

Now its time to let our voice be heard and our actions follow. In June 2020 if you are preparing to dress for a peaceful protest, here are some important things to consider adding to your wardrobe.

  • Baseball Cap: June’s weather will be hot and you’ll need the shade and added protection for your face.
  • Sunglasses: Protect your eyes from the sun’s glare and stray objects.
  • Sneakers: Do not wear your toes out, even with warm weather. In case you need to run or dash, sandal straps could easily break. Sandals can even be caught up in a misstep and cause damage. Don’t expose your feet at all.
  • Fanny Pack/Backpack: In your back pack keep a portable phone charger, carry a water, a snickers bar or a snack to combat hunger. Bring cash, your ID, telephone numbers for your attorney/emergency contact, a washcloth and loose change for parking your car (or to buy more water and snacks.) As a side note, freeze your water overnight so that it can thaw in your backpack during your walk. Also add Chapstick. In the heat, behind a mask and with lots of cheering, your lips may become dry. Keep them hydrated. And don’t forget your sunscreen! You’ll be in the sun for hours, stay protected. Lastly, add wet wipes or hand sanitizer to keep your hands clean if you accept bottled water from vendors or any items being handed out. If you have to use a public restroom the first thing they will run out of is bathroom tissue.
  • Face Mask: We are still battling COVID19 so we must stay healthy and protect our vulnerable friends and family marching with us.
  • Gym Wear: This clothing is made for your skin to breath easily in heat and allow for sweating without damaging your attire. I would strongly suggest shorts or yoga tights, a sports bra and a sleeveless shirt.

I hope these items will help you stay safe and protected during this important moment in history.

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