Season Five: In Their Closet Featuring Chantá Jones, Samantha Stylez & Kösmïc Khamïllïon

We went dark last week, but this week we return with two episodes to follow up.

In Part 1 of our two part series, we discuss Spirituality, Human Nature and Law of Attraction. Join these ladies in the discussion about the part we play in attracting narcissist and everything else in our life.

Kösmïc Khamïllïon licensed Psychotherapist & Shamanista who has been counseling for over 10 years. She took 3 years off (called by spirit) to focus on wholïstïc wellness & shamanistic healing. In that time it forced her to gain insight & enlightenment in to my deeper purpose for being on this planet. Growing up in the inner city of Chicago she saw so much at a young age. It forced her to always seek peace and protect her energy from adverse entities being emerged in so much emotional & spiritual deprivation.

After being so helpful to thousands of clients burnout set in. She took 3 years away from counseling and participated in multiple spiritual wellness retreats and gained clarity about my path on this planet & now more grounded and intentional then I have ever been. I live in a state of Flow & practice being present. Her inner child was revived and now she assist others in discovering their purpose and assisting them in being alignment to their core values and divine destiny.

Her gift is Shamanistic Healing Investment Retreats, Non-Profit Magically Me, INC assisting at risk youth with disabilities to use their gifts to manifest a magical life. She also specializes in assisting in helping you nurture your inner child through tapping into your creative gifts & imagination as resolve the areas of trauma which cause blocks in your auric energy field. Art, Meditation, Movement, Astrology & Chakra healing in sessions with homework assignments as you work to discover your purpose.
As a Wholïstïc Healer she uses many inner child healing techniques, sacred plant medicines investment retreats, Nature therapy, Chakra alignment therapies, Play therapy creativity exercises, astrology, affirmation, art, music and other many other creative mediums.

Lets get to know Samantha Williams! She’s a mother of six, five boys and one girl and was born and raised in Third Ward Houston, Texas. She grew up on the Southeast side of town. She is currently a Hairstylist and Salon owner. Samantha Stylez started her journey as an assistant to her cousin, where she discovered her love for cosmetology. In 2006 she enrolled in Franklin Beauty School, graduating in 2008. And now, has been in the beauty industry for 14 years.

Continuing her education, Sam frequently traveled with world renowned Hair/Makeup Artist, Patricia Bradley, Karlene Bethea and the likes to different hair shows perfecting her craft. She resides in Houston with her children and mother. Her history of the Narcissist is shared on the podcast with quite an interesting tale of love gone wrong.

And finally

Chantá Jones is a licensed cosmetologist from Houston, Texas. Chantá has studied the full exploration of inner and outer health and all things beautiful. She is known for her dynamic enterprising, uplifting, and kind hearted spirit. Chantá Jones has made a name for herself as an international beauty expert displaying passion for the beauty industry starting at the young age of 15. Instead of playing outside, she developed her own talents and styled her friends, offering tips on their new color trends. It was undeniable that beauty was her calling.

Shante started Xotic Glow to create a brand that would help people both men and women find inner and outer beauty as well as empower women to love themselves unconditionally without limits and embrace their imperfections. Not only does Chantá have a need to promote self care and love, but more importantly she aims to have a legacy for her own children. Chantá is a wealth of knowledge in the beauty industry with over 12 years. She has had the opportunity to work with top names of the business such as Mazzini hair care, Organic Root Stimulator, Bonner Brothers hair, CHI, Alice in Wonderland Hair Salon, River Oaks Beauty Bar, Benefit Cosmetics, Sephora and many others.

Xotic Glow has been fortunate to host and attend workshops globally in places such as USA market, Canada, UK, Paris, Dubai, China, and Africa. She has also attended several beauty exhibitions hands-on and behind the thing is it located in operating workshops, marketing, visual merchandising and working with leading chemist in the cosmetic industry. In 2013 Xotic Glow hosted a beauty workshop in Angola and made the headlines in the news and local newspaper as an international health and beauty advisor from the USA. When you encounter Chantá Jones you will get the full Xotic glow experience she is your “glo up”. Many have been captivated by her grace, polish demeanor, upbeat energy, and encouraging spirit. She’s down to welcome people from all walks of life leaving them filled with beauty tips and personal glow goals. Angola was a perfect place to open Xotic Glow as it’s first flagship location. We are very happy to welcome Chantá to the show to share her wealth of knowledge with us and her friends, Samantha and Kösmïc.

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