Season Four: In Their Closet Featuring Carrie Sheffield

Carrie Sheffield, a Louisville, KY native and current resident of Houston, TX, is the CEO of Total Financial Firm, a full-service accounting firm servicing small businesses.  Her professional journey began in High School where she took her first Accounting course.  She later earned a Bachelors in Accounting and a Masters of Business Administration with Specialization in Accounting.  Over the years, Carrie has become well-known for her ability to explain the tax game in layman’s terms and her ability to squeak out every penny of deductions to keep her client’s money in their pocket and away from Uncle Sam.  In her free time she enjoys fashion, traveling the world to learn other cultures and cultivating partnerships with like-minded people.

I welcome Carrie to the podcast to ask her about my business and get a little information about hers. Questions about the PPP loan, DBA’s and which account is the best to open when starting a new business. And dinners… can we write those off? As an entrepreneur, it’s important to have a great accountant so I am happy to share all her knowledge with all the new tax changes and how it affects our company and our ability to be profitable. Did you know, you can purchase an ad with In Their Closet podcast and it’s considered a business expense and deduction?

Get carried away listening to the new show and leave comments on our IG account if you have any business tips or personal experiences to share! Side Note: Here is the best way to exchange your money before you travel.

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