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Here is a quick note about online shopping and a few important things to remember…

A lot of us are doing a great deal of online use since we are quarantined, so be sure you are taking the extra step of securing your purchase. I would like to suggest that you use a prepaid debit card but those cards are hard to dispute should you have future problems, so always purchase as CREDIT. (If possible, purchase through Paypal, per previous post.) If you purchase via credit, you can dispute the charge with your credit card company/bank for further assistance. If you use a debit card or prepaid, consider it as ca$h and it is as good as gone.

Also, when applicable, download the mobile app of the store you are shopping. Those apps assure that you are not being redirected to another site where the purchase could be later disputed. It is important to always note that the website is secure by looking for https, the “s” is for SECURE. A normal site will have http: but if you are purchasing and using your credit card, look for SECURE with https: at checkout.

Make a note on your calendar when you generate a new purchase. Post a private pic of the item, the site, or just a detail that will remind you that a package is on it’s way. It’s easy to forget that you have items coming when everything is arriving via mail. Keep track of those items until they reach your mailbox! (See previous blog on Informed Delivery.)

If you live in an apartment, do not list your apartment number on the second, separate line, but instead all on the same address line. Some orders will never reach you if the suite number or apartment number is missing. Some labels do not print the fourth line. Keep the address as such:

Elle Moore
7050 Brookhollow West Dr. Suite #41002
Houston, Texas 77040

Always check the reviews, especially when you are buying clothes and shoes. The reviews will suggest if the item is true to size or if you should change the details, like going up/down a size. Also, set up an account on the site you are ordering from. You can return later to add your own remarks since most sites will offer you buying credits when you leave a review on the details of the fit.

Lastly, when you are purchasing from a site that you have never ordered from, don’t go crazy in the first order! Go to the sale section and order ONE thing. (Sale items are ready to ship asap.) Most sites take longer on the first order during process because you are not in their system and administratively your information may take longer to process. Normally the first order can take up to four weeks (during a global pandemic, up to six weeks) so keep that in mind. Once your order has arrived as promised, make your second order larger. Don’t forget to add a coupon code and credits for a discount. Track the package! Most will arrive in two weeks or less with normal shipping. Of course, you can always pay to expedite shipping.

When shopping online the most important thing to remember is, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is! Don’t trust MOST ads on Instagram, since most of them are stolen photos from legit companies. Always read the comments, check the reviews, and verify the website when being redirected. Pay attention to the return policy and shipping fees. Be sure you are purchasing the American size for shoes and garments, since other countries measure waist sizes in centimeters and not inches. Lastly, ask your friends if they have any information about the store or just hire a wardrobe stylist to help guide your purchases.

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