Queen of Introductions

If they’re good people, I’m gonna make sure you know all about them.

But allow me to introduce MYSELF to my new followers…

Hey y’all,
almost four years ago I started a podcast interviewing some of my favorite influencers in Houston, Texas.
My friends share their “Rose & Thorn” moments like a BOSS. I like to go behind the seams and get the real story of business, lifestyle and love confessions. It’s also a no judgement zone and in exchange, my guest share their truth. Yes, declutter, purge, declutter. Let go… Let God!

So, instead of a typical Q&A interview, I record our REAL conversations. It’s an authentic, genuine dialogue, so you feel like you’re there in the studio, laughing with us.
At UH I studied Communication and left with two degrees in the field of study, worked for KPFT as a Storyteller and studied under some of the most brilliant professors. I graduated with honors, so I guess you could say I have a gift to gab.

Criminal Justice Reform is my passion and I’m also passionate about my organization business. Call it OCD, but I can organize any space in your home; from your closet to your iCloud!
I personally try to declutter my own closet by often by selling items on Poshmark but I still have a huge shoe collection. And I always tag my shoes!

Sometimes friends ask me to: tag events, post awareness, rock their brand or blast their music. So expect to see me sharing their social media handles in post because I want you to check them out. We want your support! (Side Note: Playing a rapper’s song in one of my reels means that I am collaborating with that artist, not dating him!)

Finally, I’m starting a new chapter in life, (as you’ve heard by now on the podcast) so excuse me for a minute while I enjoy some ME time. If you see me out and about come say hello. As always, thank you for supporting me.
Welcome to In Their Closet!
MOORE to share every Friday. 


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