Closet Chronicles

Last Saturday’s look are two separates created by playing around with sweat pants and chic shoulder pads, because by now you all know I love a MONOCHROMATIC look.
It’s easy, “matchy matchy” and hard to get wrong.

The women eating on the patio at @moxies_houston mistook this as a jumpsuit!
And the cool thing is that you can create this look in your closet because most women already have these basics, too.

We call these kind of outfits “Effortless Chic” when they are just the basics.

💋My job as a wardrobe stylist is to make sure you have the BASICS in your wardrobe, (also known as a closet) a few trends, as well as great classic pieces. Declutter the stuff you don’t need, sell it and buy cute stuff with the earnings. I normally create a wishlist for my clients to shop for additional necessities in their closet.

💋On Friday nights I like to stay home and play in my closet, exfoliate my body, try out different facials and try on different looks.
Friday nights nurture my creative juices in the closet and bring attention to my skin for a healthy outward glow. I am really just a homebody, from being married for 17 years. I like a fun date night but Fridays have always been a chill night by habit. An occasional night out on a Friday is rare for me, you’ll usually find me in the closet, literally. Its the best time to try on clothes, watch tv, drink wine, chat on the phone and work on my face and body. And occasionally if its raining, cuddle up with my boo. Now Saturday night you probably will not catch me in the house, day or night!

💋Closet Organization Tip: I’d like to recommend a day that you also pull out fun things in your wardrobe, test them in the mirror and hang them up on a special hook for lunch, brunch or date night so you’ll have these ensembles ready to go at a moments notice. Help eliminate the “I can’t find anything to wear” breakdown that we all sometimes experience.

I hope these tips have been helpful. I shared them because so many of you asked about the outfit when I showed it on my stories on Instagram. I want you all to take power of your closet and get in there and have fun with your clothes! It comes out great when you try something new. But even more important is when we are inspired by someone else’s wardrobe and can go in our own and find those same items and make them our own style.

You can hire me to come and assist you in removing items in your closet, reworking items in your closet and reorganizing your closet so that you get the best out of your wardrobe. We can create quick looks for any occasion and have them ready for days or even weeks in advance. Closet assistance isn’t expensive and you’ll soon find that you have a lot of money hanging in there, so let me know when you are ready for me to assist you in any of the ways above. I am always happy to help! The podcast goes on hiatus from July to August and we return in September so I am now booking appointments for the ladies in Houston. If you can declutter on your own, I can help you with setting up your closet for sale. Click here for more of the details on your Organization for Poshmark Closet.

Happy Wednesday!

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