Season Five: In Their Closet Featuring Chef Don Bowie Part 2

We return with part two, a continuation of Don’s story. I should like to note that this is simply Don’s story and that his truth is just as valid as any story that we share on the podcast. As the show is edited for content and time, it cannot be edited in a fashion that paints any one person one way or another.

Don has chosen to share the ebbs and flows during his marriage and the character that he possessed to make such decisions at the time that he made it. We appreciate his honesty and candor during our podcast and we hope that you are able to learn from this conversation, as well as any other previous conversation.

My job is to be objective, to provide a platform where authenticity is guaranteed and change behavior is the goal. We hope that everyone involved is seeking the truth and the help they need to get there.

Blessings, Elle.

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