Season Two: In Their Closet Featuring Closet Chats

As Season Two comes to an end, we leave with a bang!

On this episode of In Their Closet, we speak with Earlene Buggs, Host and Executive Producer of the hit show featured on Facebook, Closet Chats.

Earlene Buggs, Christina Murray and Felicia Henderson are the three host that makeup the Facebook Digital TV show, Closet Chats. Earlene goes into detail about the backstory of the show and shares how her connection with the women came to be. These stunning women have created a lot of buzz as three boss women discussing topics such as “Spotting A Fake Friend”, “Colorism”, “This is America” and more all while in a 3300 square foot closet. Closet Chats airs for up to 20 minutes per episode and the first show debuted on March 8th in honor of Women’s History Day.
The ultimate goal of the show is to discuss topics related to women, family, entertainment and day to day issues. 

Earlene Buggs is referred to as “The Physician” – A girl’s girl and fashionista, Earlene is a wife, mother, and CEO. Her words may cut with honesty, but her genuine spirit & wisdom will have you walking away new and better than ever.

Felicia Henderson is known as “The Philosopher” – Felicia is a dedicated wife, mother, entrepreneur, and the founder of the “Inspire” organization. Her rants may ruffle a few feathers, but you won’t watch an episode without walking away with a new catchphrase or perspective.

Christina Murray is “The Peacemaker” – Christina is the founder of the Boss Lady Network, realtor, and inspirational speaker who spent many years working in ministry. Her experiences are her truth and she means what she says… but always with non-filtered honesty.

While Christina and Felicia were unable to join us in the studio , we did spend a little under an hour talking to Earlene about her Top Drawer Secrets while sharing a little Dirty Laundry. (I refer to it as ‘Dirty Language’ during the podcast, a Freudian Slip, while we were discussing the hate and judgement that some women speak over others.) The ugly truth and taboo subjects are all covered during this nonstop conversation full of extra ideas that will take up more space in your closet.

My favorite quote in this episode is when Earlene says, “Whenever I do something for a person, I ask God to help me forget. And whenever someone does something for me, I ask Him to help me remember.” Earlene, we loved your kind and humble spirit and we are cheering on the success for the new show. Tune in to Closet Chats for more episodes from the ladies!

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