Season Four: In Their Closet Featuring Elle Moore & The Paradise Boyz

Welp, I had a cancelation. And it just so happened that my son stopped by my house to check on me, per usual. I was venting about my change of plans and then a light bulb went off in my head when I heard Jordan talking on the phone with my nephew, Evian. So I am so glad to introduce you all to the men who give me advice from a young, GEN X perspective. They call themselves, “The Paradise Boyz”. It’s their group chat name so the tag has stuck. Paradise is the term that converts to your phone when you’re visiting in LAS VEGAS, NEVADA. Paradise contains most tourist attractions in the Las Vegas area, excluding downtown. Despite this, the name Paradise remains relatively obscure because all of the zip codes serving Paradise are assigned the default place name “Las Vegas” and my boys are in Vegas all the time, hence the name. These guys are private and intentionally obscure.

Introducing Jordan Moore and Ron “Evian” Price, my son and nephew, affectionately called JMO and Young Ev. (Ron is my sister Tabitha’s son and Jaylen is my sister Michelle’s son. The third person, Jaylen Patterson, was unavailable but he will join us next time.) These three guys tell me about music, terminology and slang, even clothes, that are hot and everything else that means anything. The first time I heard about Drake, J. Cole or Miguel was because of my son, JMO. It is because of them that I am young at heart and stay so fly. I talked to “No IG Evie” and JMO about naked selfies, Netflix & chill, dating and all the cool things that twenty year old’s give to their mom and aunt to keep me abreast on what is life. I love this conversation, it’s the perfect way to end season four and it’s basically a send off of me going into the next season… and the next chapter in life.

We talk about sooooo much! Prayer, Manifestation, Faith, Love, Police Brutality, Narcissist and so much MOORE. I liked their conversation so I am currently trying to get the boys to start their own podcast about travel life, Vegas and commentary on the bets that they make. Because they make MONEY. (But then again, they were taught by the best…) I love them and appreciate them SO MUCH for helping me out with my podcast and I hope you love the show. See you in season FIVE! We return in September.

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