Season Four: In Their Closet Featuring Lil O

Oreoluwa “Lil O” Magnus-Lawson first exploded onto the scene with “Can’t Stop,” a success-as-the-sweetest-revenge anthem that featured a young Destiny’s Child back before Beyoncé would go on to take over the world. As his name alone will tell you, physically, Houston rapper Lil O isn’t exactly the biggest artist on the scene, but he just might be the most important. I’ve known Lil O for over 27 years, so he is the BIGGEST rapper that I know! And I am so happy to introduce my forever friend to the podcast and take a walk down the past to learn why he is still a legend today.

Already an underground legend at this point, Lil O has only grown more and more impressive in the years since he released H-Town classic albums like Blood Money and Da Fat Rat Wit Da Cheeze. His sensation, Back Back, went viral after the global pandemic caused the whole work to distance at least six feet. We will take a listen to O’s greatest hits and a lesson about how he worked for his start in the music business.

It was “Can’t Stop” that caught the attention of the legendary DJ Screw who invited O back to the lab just hours after he’d dropped off a copy of the single in the midst of buying some of Screw’s notorious mixtapes. We celebrate the anniversary of June 27th and the success of all the Houston rappers that have made our city the music empire that it is, by starting this conversation with my dear friend, Lil O.

Enjoy the sounds and history in this podcast.

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