Season Three: In Their Closet Featuring Howard Grant, April Grant & Tabitha Grant Part 2

Thank you Mad Studios for the new beat on our intro. Now, let’s get down to the Nitty Gritty!

This is a tough episode… Not because it’s hard to hear, but because it’s hard to hear! LOL! It is my fault, the audio was not correct. But move passed that to enjoy a conversation between three daughters and their father, who was also a dogmatic, legalistic preacher.

Along with my Dad, my sisters, April Grant, Tabitha Grant and I discuss our attire and the foundation that groomed our views on fashion today. My father breaks down his background on the scriptures and teachings that fed into his views of how a Christian woman should dress.

Our conversation is full of laughs as we go down memory lane discussing how we became the women we are today from head to toe.


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