Season Three: In Their Closet Featuring Howard Grant Part 1

Howard Grant is a man known by many names but to me, he’s Dad. He joins me on season three of the podcast to discuss the private and dark thoughts that he has held for over thirty years and discusses the consequences that nearly took his life.

Under the leadership of Bishop Johnson, at twenty one years old, Grant led many to Christ. Evangelizing to those in Mexico, Canada, Houston, Temple, Conroe [Texas] until finally settling down with his family of four in a small town in Central Texas. Pastor Grant established churches in Lake Charles and Jennings, Louisiana before becoming a pastor of his own church in the late eighties.

While a ministering at Deliverance Temple Holiness Church in Temple, Texas, Grant was known for his extremely radical services. He moved around the lyrics for songs that were recognized by Jimmy Hendrix fans and reincarnated them into soulful melodies hummed on Sunday mornings.

Members were known to “clock in” for fellowship services that lasted over four to six hours with many expressions on praise and worship. Yet, his dogmatic views on “Homosexuality, Misogyny and Modesty” were just a few reasons that he was highlighted and featured in the Texas Monthly Magazine in the 1980’s and The Austin American-Statesman newspaper.

Members led aggressive street teams to witness to sinners by explaining that they would, “Die and go to Hell” without Christ’s teaching, under Grant’s leadership. This despotic doctrine led members to eventually cast out The Grants from their own church when their pastor was found to be in a controversial position that did not align with the church’s views. Even if it meant removing their own evangelist, congregants were hurt, confused and decidedlysevered all ties with Grant.

Turning to self medicate his inward wounds and feed his personal demons, we soon see how the cloak to blend in and escape God took on a thirty year journey to know how to speak to The Waymaker. With Howard’s voice today, we hear his truth.

More importantly, we speak on God’s forgiveness and never ending love, mercy and grace. We walk away knowing that God will never give up on you even if you have given up on yourself. There are many names that people have called Howard Grant; Judge, Prophet Grant, Baby Unknown Grant, Dad… but it’s not what people call you, it’s how they relate to you.

Dad and I discuss how his interpretation of my dream was the inception of the podcast and how exactly my “Moses Project” came to be. We discuss his years in ministry, his past struggles and how he lost his voice; literally and physically.

We hope that you can relate to my Dad’s story this evening and that you are blessed by the sound of his voice.

Side Note: The song played at the end of the podcast is called, “Like a Good Neighbor” by The Rance Allen Group. The lyrics of this song are a beautiful narrative of the actions that my father experience while experiencing a stroke. It is because of that “good neighbor” that he is well, healthy and alive today. Our family thanks you.

God Bless.

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